Local Government in Telford

We found 39 Local Government in Telford, United Kingdom.

Name Full Address Phone
Bank Road Community Centre Bank Road Dawley
Telford TF4 2AZ United Kingdom
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Borough of Telford & Wrekin Council P O Box 215
Telford TF3 4LF United Kingdom
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Brookside Community Centre Bembridge Brookside
Telford TF3 1NE United Kingdom
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Credit Union Development Unit Suite 1 Bsnss Development Ctr Stafford Park 4
Telford TF3 3BA United Kingdom
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Crown Catering Logistics P O Box 72
Telford TF1 1WL United Kingdom
Dothill Dat Centre Severn Drive Dothill Wellington
Telford TF1 3JR United Kingdom
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Dothill Infants School Severn Drive Wellington
Telford TF1 3JB United Kingdom
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Electro Services (Midlands) Ltd. The Calibration House Stafford Park 1
Telford TF3 3BD United Kingdom
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George Chetwood Court Sheltered Housing George Chetwood Court Dawley
Telford TF4 2QS United Kingdom
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Halesfield Day Service Halesfied 22 Heslop
Telford TF7 4EW United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Local Government in Telford

T G.
19 September 2013
R.I.S.Q for Young People

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

I agree with the lady below, I took time off work to go to the one in hollinswood which is where the website told me to go to find it has closed and moved, somewhere I haven't got a clue about going, the general number provided for questions on the door was not being answered, so I looked on line again to find a number for general enquiries, which is not being answered and says the extension is busy! Then the other number for the PRH in Telford, you ring it and it says we have moved, the number they then give does not ring! How difficult is it around the area to get help when your local gp won't help you!!! What are we meant to do? How are young people meant to get help, it should be made easy not extremely difficult, I'm still stuck as am unable to get any info on where to go and when............

Anjelica T.
28 June 2013
R.I.S.Q for Young People

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

I am very VERY displeased with the service I receive from risq. As a 16 year old girl, I can say how hard it is to find contraception, and all risq does is lure you into a false sense of security then get up and move to aqueduct. Once, I went down 3 times in a week and not once was it open. It's ridiculous, who though trying to prevent yourself from being pregnant would be so difficult. After being talked into having the implant one session, the lady who would of done it wasn't even in. Every trip to risq is a disappointment. I want to know that I wont get pregnant, not have the constant worry on my mind. I was astonished to see the other day when I walked down to hollinswood clinic to see it had moved to aqueduct. Not only do I not know my way, but I live in Randlay. Surely just a small set up in every GP would be more efficient then this money wasting organisation. It drives me mad. I shouldn't need to play hide and seek with contracepion, it vital. It doesn't surprise me Telford has the highest teen pregnancy rate in England when the only services we have going to prevent it are ones like these. And when the inevitable happens, and you fall pregnant, you get bullied and ridiculed for something that wasn't your fault. Personally, I don't want children. However I wouldn't have an abortion. The general idea is don't get pregnant in the first place, and you're making that very difficult to achieve. I feel as a young person I've got no one I can turn to. It's been a very difficult year, I lost my nan who I was a career for. I've moved into her house to look after my bedbound granddad. I had to rip apart her house. The only thing that makes that bearable is my partner, who I meet last august. However it's got to the point I can't sleep with, the oldest tradition known not only to mankind, but to every living organism on Earth. Now i'm pupping full of hormones with a single mom who's been single for about 10 years and our house is now a bloodbath thanks to it. Every little makes such a difference. But if I was to fall pregnant, I don't know what I'd do. I wouldn't have any choices as you say to every pregnant 13 year old who walks into risq. I'm becoming an apprenticeship chef, taking after my nan and it would destroy my career; no matter the wage of a apprentice. As well as that my partner is also and apprentice. See the dilemma? I'm sick of the way young people get treated, and then blamed for something that isn't there fault. If the contraception isn't available then it just isn't available. Just thought i'd let you know my real hatred for risq, and the job that it does. Feel free to send me an email replying, however you will not sway my opinion on you.

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