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Name Full Address Phone
1/2 Cut Productions Ltd 1ST Contact Clydesdale Bank House
London SW1Y 4ZT United Kingdom
158 Gloucester Place Co. Ltd. 158 Gloucester Place
London NW1 6DT United Kingdom
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16 Gunter Grove Ltd Flat 16 Gunter Grove Chelsea
London SW10 0UJ United Kingdom
19 Fitz Ltd. 19 Fitzjohns Avenue
London NW3 5JY United Kingdom
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22 Sunderland Terrace Ltd 22 Sunderland Terrace
London W2 5PA United Kingdom
3 Ways Estate Agent 14a Earls Court Road
London W8 6EA United Kingdom
37 Northside (Clapham) Ltd Flat 3 37 Clapham Common
London SW4 0RW United Kingdom
39 Regents Park Road Management Co. Ltd. 119 Regents Park Road
London NW1 8UR United Kingdom
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3a Palace Green 3a Palace Grn Kensington Palace Gardens
London W8 4TR United Kingdom
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8 Middleton Grove Ltd. 8 Middleton Grove
London N7 9LU United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Estate Agents in London

S M.
20 December 2014
Jubilee Estates Ltd.

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Unprofessional, incompetent, rude and downright useless.
Shouted at and being told to get out of the office by an employee called Nick because I complained about his useless agency not bothering to act on the fact that we have no drinkable water which was promised to be sorted promptly. Email etiquette is atrocious - literally shouting at me via email for a payment which I didn't owe. We have recently discovered that Jubilee Estates are members of The Property Ombudsman and they are breaking several clauses (eight clauses) of the Property Ombudsman's Code of Practice for Residential Letting Agents. Because of this they have been reported to the Property Ombudsman. Never use these unprofessional idiots.

Antonia A.
05 November 2014
Alan Goldin Estates

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Stay well clear. Not even worthy of 1 star.

Unfortunately another flat in my building chose to use A G Estates which meant I had the unpleasant task of dealing with Mr A G.

Sadly had to speak to A regarding damage caused by one of his flats. Instead of letting me explain the situation, he shouted down the phone to me and was exceptionally rude. Perhaps I should have stood up for myself and shouted back, but i took the moral high-ground and continue in my calm polite demeanour and asked him to stop shouting at me... but he kept going. I felt personally attacked, violated, and victimised by Mr A G.

He shirked all responsibility and demanded I took my issue up with someone else. He hadn't even given me the time to explain the issue in hand!

I didn't choose A G Estates, but sadly was in a position where I had to encounter their horrendous management.

If you are able to (sadly I was not) then stay well away!!

Akshay P.
14 October 2014
Anthony Pepe & Co

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

AS soon as you pay them they will treat the way that you would never go back.
No chance to get any response and solve the issue. But before I paid I got quite a few phone calls...

Mirka S.
05 January 2014
Cousins Estate Agents

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Please do not use the Cousins estate agents in Tottenham, they are very dodgy and very unprofessional. We were buying a property via different estate agent, (we had been registered as buyers at Cousins too) Cousins had been advertising the same property for sale previously. On the date of exchange of the contracts we were told that Cousins had sold it to someone else. The vendor had been selling the property for 2 different people at the same time, we and our estate agent did not know about this, Cousins did. When we called to them to complain, the woman on the phone laughed at us! We had just lost our new home, £3000 in fees and our buyers. Just disgusting behaviour and I would never use them for anything, they are lacking of any morals and caused my family massive grief,a week before Christmas.

Nino K.
28 December 2013
Shield Property Services Ltd.

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

“Highly disappointed with the lack of customer service and total unprofessional conduct. Be warned!”

Jessie S.
14 August 2013
A Rent Home Properties

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Rent a home Properties is a great place to rent a property from I would highly recommend this site to anyone these guys are prompt on time and there customer service is great? they truly understand the word that the customer is always right :) so anywhere in the UK if you wanted to rent a place I would highly recommend Rent A Home Properties... I would also like to mention a place in Dubai called Sapphire villa Dubai this is a amazing I mean amazing Villa I went on my holiday before with the kids and the hubby and I have always said I wanted to go again.. So we booked again for next year if you are going on holiday in Dubai check out these guys @

Me. A.
01 August 2013
Homeview Estates

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Homeview Estates does not remove their Signage even after polite requests to do so.

Akel A.
11 February 2013
Anthony Pepe & Co

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Very unprofessional agency, NOT RECOMMENDED!!. I wanted to rent a flat and assured it was for us after paying a holding deposit (usually asked while checking references) just to find out the following day there there were other people interested. Due to this we were not able to put the right offer and we did not get the flat. Not only that paperwork was missing, information hide and they were unable to give an explanation of what happened.

Anna T.
21 January 2013
Bruten & Co

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Bruten&Co is the most unprofessional and deceiving agency I have ever dealt with. Do not expect to get your deposit back in full in any case, even if legally you are right. !!! Avoid using their services at all costs !!!

Colin W.
10 December 2012
Gray's Inn Estates Ltd.

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

I am a leaseholder of one of the companies that D P. runs. The company is called Freehold Securities which some how got the freehold from Gray`s inn estates. There are lots of companies all connected in one umbrealla and they move things around a bit. Another company controlled by them is called leasehold property management. They seem to collect our rent and then pass it on to the freeholder. My experience of being on the other end of their service can only be described as pure hell. One big never ending nightmare. I have lived in this property whom they have the freehold and during my living here which is more than 22 year they have not painted once. It has not been done for more 25 years.

Despite the lease stating they have to fund in advance they refuse to do so. Clearly stating on more than one occasion their refusal of putting money in. No matter how many times I beg for action nothing comes. If you look under some sites where Mr P. posts he talks of maximising profits to certain clients of his whom he advices on how to profit from freeholds or rents and insurance premiums. . A management agent he uses collects reserve charges and for nearly 15 years that was supposed to be ring fenced from every day to day spending. I just found out it was spent. Its all gone on on day to day spending. They spent money which they had no right to collect. They collected from us in advance for years. We just found out they should have collected in arrears. Its impossible to get our money back. All we get is excuses. It has been one big night mare for 22 years for me. A truly bad nightmare. I get no response none. I would recommend to all concern. Give this company a wide birth and avoid at all costs. If your in a property of whom they hold the freehold. Commiserations...AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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