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Counting Time Tool

The distance between two points in time cannot be described in one universal set of numbers. We have increments: years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Instead of wasting hours trying to break down these increments between two moments, we’ve built this handy time calculator that can immediately do it for you.

Simply input two different points and hit the button to calculate the exact amount of the above increments that pass between those two moments.

You may be asking yourself “what would I use a time calculator for?” Here are some common uses that we have seen a tool like this used for:

Use the time calculator to see the duration of a certain event. Want to know how long a historical event lasted in exact hours, minutes, and even seconds? This is the perfect way to check!

Enter the exact day, hour, and minute that you were born compared to now and see exactly how old you are!

Are you counting down to a birthday or anniversary? Find out precisely how many days are between you and that moment!

Have you ever wondered why we use such specific measurements? This practice dates back to one of the earliest known civilizations in history: the Sumerians who existed all the way back in 2,000 B.C.E.

This civilization used a system based on the number sixty, much like we do, because it is a highly divisible number, meaning it can be divided easily into a number of factors which in and of themselves are easy to divide into fractions.

As history pressed on, days were measured, along with hours and minutes, by looking at the sky. The position of the sun, the length of day and night, these were the basic tools that ancient civilizations used to measure these increments.

They didn’t have clocks or time calculators like we do today, so they were forced to use the tools they had on hand.

The problem with using astronomical methods, was that they weren’t accurate, no matter how hard they tried. Things like the length of day and night are not always equal, and the length of a year also shifts incrementally.

With today’s technology, we’ve been able to establish incredibly accurate methods of telling hours, minutes, and seconds.

For example, have you heard of atomic clocks? These are the most accurate time keeping devices currently in existence. They measure seconds by cooling atoms to incredibly low temperatures and calculating the amount of time it takes for electrons to shift from one orbit to another.

This has resulted in the most precise measurement of a single “second” that we’ve ever been able to achieve.

As a result, the world’s time is based on the measurements of these atomic clocks. For example, there is one in the United States that represents the official time standard for the nation.

So go ahead, take our time calculator for a spin and let us calculate all those hours and minutes so you don’t have to!

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