Major Floods in The Midwest: Residents Evacuated as Storms Worsen


Published on May 1st, 2017 | by ttn in Geography

Major storms have been causing problems for residents in the Midwest this week. Arkansas was the latest to be affected, with the local officials urging residents of Pocahontas to evacuate before potential floods could come as a result of a broken levy.

These storms came, bringing flooding, tornadoes, and high-speed winds to Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas over the past weekend. At least sixteen people have been killed thus far, and two children are still missing. Read on as we look at how the residents are coping with this monster storms

Tornadoes and Flooding Combine as Destruction Rises


Four tornadoes were confirmed in Texas this past Saturday, which were part of a larger system that has put countless people out of their homes and destroyed so much in its wake. These tornadoes took the lives of four people, and another five perished during the flooding and winds that hit Arkansas.


In Tennessee, a 2-year-old girl died in the Nashville area after being struck by a metal soccer goal that was blown over by gusts of wind. Near Fayetteville, in Lincoln County, a woman died from a falling tree while trying to put her belongings into a vehicle.

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, two children are missing after floodwaters swept them away. A mother and her two children werre stranded in high water in the Hindsville area when their car was swept off the roadway.

While the woman was found by rescue workers, the children haven’t been found as of yet.


Stories like these are mirrored across countless other states, as volunteers and workers try to salvage what they can and assist survivors of the massive storms.


The storms are expected to subside on Monday, but flooding from raised rivers is still a potential risk going into the week. The effects were felt all the way down into Lousiana, as officials were forced to delay the annual Jazz & Heritage Festival because of the storms.


Do you live in any of these areas in the Midwest? Are your family and loved ones safe after these storms rolled through? Let us know in the comments!

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