10 Death-Defying Photos of Heights! #5 Is Insane!


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Some people are definitely more daring in others, while some of us are even scared of heights. These insane photos were taken of people who are most certainly a part of the daring group! The pictures that were taken are truly death-defying photos! However, as awesome as these photos are, be sure not to try any of these crazy stunts at home!

1 Camping, Anyone?


Why go camping at a plain old regular campsite, when you can go camping on the side of a cliff! I think I’ll be sticking to tent or RV camping thank you very much!

death-defying photos

2 Just Hang On!


These photos give new meaning to the phrase, just hang in there! I don’t know about you, but I think I like keeping my feet on the top of the cliffs. You have to have some serious upper arm strength to try this!


3 Between a Rock, and a…?


These rock climber, take climbing to a whole new level with this insane outdoor sport! The rock in the photo is actually Mount Huashan in China. The nearby Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail is known as the Path of Death. That sounds like a good weekend activity, right?


4 Insane Kayaking


Lots of people enjoy kayaking and boating, but this is a whole other level of crazy! These photos were taken of a kayaker traveling down the Lower Mesa Falls, in Idaho, United States. These falls are only for the pros.


5 Let Me Take a Selfie!


This guy is actually well-known for his crazy antics. The man in the photo known as the Russia’s Spiderman, his real name is Kirill Oreshki, is quite the daredevil. He hangs off of buildings and takes photos for fun. I think maybe someone should help this guy find a better hobby, like maybe golf?!


What did you think of our ten death-defying photos of heights? What other crazy pictures of heights have you seen? Share in the comments below and thanks for reading! For more insane places to travel check out these 10 hazardous locations that people actually travel to!

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