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H B Mobile Car Shine
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At 11.10 I was informed there was a forty minute wait, I explained that I would pop into Asda and be back to collect my car. I agreed a price of £15 as I explained to the gentleman the inside desperately needed a clean due to a window left open and a slight damp smell. He advised this would be a mini valet and again repeated he would have it done once they had finished the car infront of me in 40mins. At 11.55, I went out to the car park to see him wiping down my car, on approach he informed me he had just started and it would be about another half an hour. I explained that I needed to be somewhere at half twelve and asked whether they would be able to do my car later today at 4pm (I didn't know whether they continued to clean cars in the dark). Another gentleman came over and informed me that I had to pay £6 and when I queried this he told me he would get his boss on the phone and had to write down my licence plate number. I informed the ruder of the two gentleman, I'd be happy to speak to the boss as I hadn't recieved the service agreed and would not pay the £6. He then back tracked and told me his boss is busy and wouldn't speak to me. When I asked to leave my contact number I was told no one would call me, they had my registration and that's all they needed. As I started to feel frustrated and actually a little intimidated, I got in my car and said I would be back at 4pm. Once inside my car, I saw smudge marks all over the windscreen, that the inside door and window was foamy and took it back to the gentleman who told me it was my fault for speeding off?!! Despite needing to be somewhere at 12.30, I agreed to leave my car for the nicer of the two, who kept apologising to complete. He promised this would just take 30minutes. I rang my partner who came and collected me, and who has since had to return to collect my car as I felt too busy trying to calm down and rearrange my day to face going back.
I will never use this company again and will warn all of my friends and acquaintances of the attitude and disrespect shown by the staff here. My partner paid the £15, after being informed and threatened that the boss calls the police and we're on cctv etc etc. He was also told by the rude gentleman that I should have never talked to the nicer worker as he knows nothing- except he was the gentleman who took my car keys in the first place. I have called the number given by the rude, know it all worker to request my refund and make a formal complaint
Only, surprise surprise! There was no answer.
I hope this review is accepted as a written compliant by this company and I call on the owner or customer service team for a response.

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