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Lawton & Stoakes
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12 Fitzilian Avenue
Harold Wood
United Kingdom
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Lawton & Stoakes
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I am writing this review to help other animal lovers, not to pass through the same SAD and TRAGIC experience, I had been through with my little lovely budgie, whom they killed. My little budgie was showing of illness and I decided to go to this clinic, thinking that Mr. Lawton was a got vet. I was wrong, and I regret the decision I made. Beside the fact that he was so impolite to us, telling that he "wasted" a lot of time with us already, he forced us so sign a paper which absolved him of any guilty in case we decided to treat it there. Then he told me roughly that he would give him a shot with enrofloxacin and vitamins and then he would take a blood sample the day after . I decided to leave my beloved budgie over the night thinking that there would be someone who would supervise him, believing with all my heart in their professionalism. The next morning I was given the horrible news that he was dead, under unknown circumstances.
They told me that they gave him the enrofloxacin shot, and then they closed the clinic, leaving no one to take care of him. Not only they killed my budgie, treated us without respect and lack of humanity, but they put us to pay 185£, additional costs. I am still crying and feeling heartbroken of what happened, every time I wake up in the morning I feel guilty for bringing my little baby to that horrible clinic.

I hope the tragic experience we have been through with our little angel, to SAVE OTHER INNOCENT SOULS.

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The veterinarian didn't once even acknowledge my dog, let alone try to settle him or show him any form of kindness. The veterinarian showed little respect for me as a human being or my dog as a living animal. The staff avoided eye contact with me at all times and looked uncomfortable. The procedure was carried out correctly, but in a very clinical, old fashioned manner. I will not be going back to this practice and can completely understand why fellow canine enthusiasts travel over an hour to use an alternative vet.

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