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Direct Accident Management Ltd.
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Direct Accident Management Ltd.
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On my way to work on a rainy day and feeling good about the day ahead when another driver failed to yield and ripped off my bumper and some other pieces of my car. Not feeling so great now and having no experience with these situations before (yes, in 12 years of driving I've never been in an accident), I went with the recommendation of a friend and called Direct Accident to walk me through the process and take care of all the bits where I am truly clueless. The whole process was simple and quick and when I was without my car, they saw to it that I had a hire car. What sold me was that the hire car was actually nice, clean and very comparable to what I normally drive. They delivered the hire car and even picked it up from me at work when my car was ready. Though the accident was not fun, they made the situation much more bearable!

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Was in Leeds doing some business and someone rear ended me. They helped with the damage with little damage and I didn't have to hassle with a claim with my insurance company

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Have to say dealing with direct accident was great. I was in an accident that was not my fault and these folks got me squared away with little hassle at all. Thanks guys!

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Have to say my experience with this company was great. Was visiting some friends and someone backed into me. Not my fault but you know how insurance companies can be. My friend suggested this company. They took good care of me beginning to end. Awesome people to deal with.

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To make a long story short: Direct Accident Management saved us so many headaches! Being in an accident is stressful enough, add being on vacation (when you should be relaxing) add not really knowing the laws and our rights/responsibilities (we are not UK citizens) and add the accident not being our fault--what could have been a total disaster and rain cloud over our vacation was a simple bump in the road and with the incredibly kind and professional claims staff, all went better than we expected. The support and excellent customer service (who had unending patience with our million questions) was remarkable. The entire process from start to finish was clear and thorough. They walked us through the steps required on our part and they took care of the rest. While we do not plan to be in another accident the next time we visit our friends in the UK, if that were to happen, we know where to go and what to do.

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Direct Accudent Management really helped me out recently. I was in an accident that most defiantly wasn't my fault. They supported thorough the whole thing while also providing me with a hire car whilst mine was being fixed. I also didn't have to pay out my excess which I thought I would have to, plus I kept my no claims bonus. They really saved me this time and I wouldn't use anybody else in the future if something similar happened.

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This is a brilliant business and they provide brilliant service. Direct Accident Management saved me loads of headaches and time. They made everything easy and smooth. They even delivered a hire car to my door with a smile.

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I had a no fault accident a few months ago and my local garage recommended direct accident management. I phoned them and they sorted everything including a hire car and got me money for my car which turned out to be a write off.
So glad I used them as I didn't have to pay any excess.

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