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4 X 4's Unltd Unit 10a Old Pill Farm Severn Bridge Industrial Estate
Newport NP6 4JH United Kingdom
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A & J Auto Service Medart Place Risca Rd Cross Keys
Newport NP11 7DJ United Kingdom
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A H Shier Libeneth Road
Newport NP19 9AP United Kingdom
A J Auto Repairs 2a Gaskell Street
Newport NP19 0GH United Kingdom
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A R K Vehicles & Recoveries 144a Durham Road
Newport NP19 7JG United Kingdom
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A T G Plastics The Garage Cae Gorllan Street
Newport NP11 4SZ United Kingdom
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A.J Poole Ercall Heath
Newport TF10 8NH United Kingdom
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Abercarn Body Repairs Unit 14, Phase Two Indstl Est Abercarn
Newport NP11 5AR United Kingdom
Acorn Autos Tregarn Rd Langstone
Newport NP18 2JT United Kingdom
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Albany Motors Unit 1 Parkhurst Road
Newport PO30 5TH United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Garages - Repair and Modification in Newport

Mat N.
14 September 2014
Brooklyn Motors

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Recently I've taken my car to this garage to have the head gasket replaced. This cost me £400. Upon having the car retuned to me two weeks later (not the quoted 3 days I was told) I opened my bonnet to find a complete cowboy job underneath. Parts missing, cables and pipes either not connected or connected incorrectly. Then to top it off, after starting and idling the car for 10 minutes it proceeds to overheat and leak and spray water everywhere. A word of warning to anyone thinking of even contacting this garage. Do not. I advise you steer clear.

Sarah P.
22 May 2014
Magor Motors

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Made the mistake of using Magor Motors for an MOT and the work they say it needed. I wont be making that mistake again. Car booked in for Wednesday morning to have work done, they weren't sure what was up with the brakes so couldn't give me a price, so I gave them my budget and was told they would give me a call with a price as soon as they found out what was wrong.

Wednesday lunchtime, I've heard nothing so phone them up and ask if they have found the problem and what the price will be, guy walks off comes back and says they will try to get my car finished this afternoon and puts phone down.

Gone 5pm Wednesday, still heard nothing so phone them up and find out they are waiting for parts but don't know a price because they haven't got the parts yet. Tell them that I really needed the car for Today and that it was really problematic for me as now we were both working and couldn't pick the car up. Get told no problem, they will drop the car off at the house if I pay over the phone once they know a price.
Well it was a problem as I now needed a taxi for work as no car.

Lunchtime today, still heard nothing so phone them up. Get told they have done the brakes and are just finishing a pipe replacement but they haven't worked the price out yet. so will call me when they have done. Tell them that I need to know by 3 as my partner will be off to work and we will have no way to get the car. Get told they will work it out by then.

Gone 4 o'clock they finally phone and give me a price over £100 pound over the budget I gave them, they have already done the work without checking the price would be OK and to top it off they are trying to charge me a second time for the MOT I had already paid for. They take that off and it's still over £50 more than I said I could afford but I pay up anyway just so they will deliver the car so I don't need to find money for taxis again tomorrow.

Get home after work, Had to scab a lift off my parents as taxi companies had no taxis available, to find no car, no one has knocked the door, no one has phoned, Magor Motors is shut and no one is answering the phone.

Now yet again stuck without a car to get to work tomorrow morning and no idea when I will be able to get it back.

Honestly people don't make the same mistake I did, avoid this company like the plague.

Tracy M.
30 October 2013
Brooklyn Motors

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

excellent garage used by everyone I know. Good pricing, clear about what needs doing.

Paul W.
02 October 2013
Hillcroft Garage

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

car recovered to hillcroft replacement head cam carrier and cam chain ,and tensioner and diesel pump was done , when collecting car damage was found on the bumper as car was parked against a wall , on the way home it overheated and I found engine parts in the boot , it was returned to hillcroft and head gasket was replaced as they trapped something between gasket and block then it needed a starter motor , when it returned it had knackered turbo ,,,hillcroft did not want to no I was told they terminated some ones employment as a result of damage to my car and another that did not help me as I received my car back still damaged

Denise M.
01 June 2012
Brooklyn Motors

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Absolutely useless! They had our car for nearly a month and simply could not fix it. Worst of all they pretended to know what was wrong with it, promised to keep in constant contact and when they didnt do that at all, unless we phoned them they were finally forced to admit they ahdnt a clue! Naturally they had the cheek to charge us.Total waste of time, energy and money. Use them at your peril