Fish and Chips in Manchester

We found 191 Fish and Chips in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Name Full Address Phone
A & J Fish & Chips 137 Coronation Road
Manchester M26 3LP United Kingdom
Alan & Anns 154a Liverpool Road
Manchester M44 5DD United Kingdom
Alan Kwan 948 Stockport Road
Manchester M19 3NN United Kingdom
Alder Fryer 93 Alder Road
Manchester M35 0QN United Kingdom
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Alexis McKenna 33 Eastwood Road
Manchester M40 3TE United Kingdom
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Alf & Olive Boardman 1 Flamingo Villas Robin Drive
Manchester M44 6PW United Kingdom
Allan the Chef 398 Manchester Road Astley
Manchester M29 7DY United Kingdom
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Andy's Fish Bar 513 Wilmslow Road Withington
Manchester M20 4BA United Kingdom
Armstrong's Supper Bar 486 Bury Old Road Prestwich
Manchester M25 1NL United Kingdom
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Athertons 2 Houghton Street Pendlebury
Manchester M27 8XW United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Fish and Chips in Manchester

Jasonh 0.
22 September 2013
Monton Fish Bar

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Probaly the worst chinese in the world.
I recently got a takeaway of Singapore vermicelli and crisp chilli chicken.
When i got home i realise that he vermicelli had just onions in the the tinniest
scraps of meat about the size of a pea at the largest.So i decided to take it back thinking there must have been a mix up with the order.When i got there and tried to explain i was met with the worst customer service ever.I explained that i think i had received the wrong dish explaining about the lack of meat.They refused to look at the dish and started shouting and told me to go.I wont be going back again...