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Seriously, These guys should be on Rogue Traders....terrible experience, and it seems this was not an isolated situation going by these reviews on here....... apparently I am a trouble maker? WHAT, from asking him why the agreed price had gone up from $130 to $695!!!! are you joking?? like i'm just going to pay it without question. When I refused he said he would have my car sent to a breakers yard for demolition? He then told me to f@@k off his property, and came around from the counter with a wrench and started waving it in my face. I decided to leave as I did not want to end up in hospital. I came back the following day and again he was really aggressive and threatening..........eventually I got the car back, and did not pay any extra after threatening to call in the police...........moral of the story......avoid at all costs!!!!!

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????? what a terrible experience i had here.....NEVER to be repeated. The owner is mental....seriously. Abusive beyond...... I shook in my shoes and wanted to cry at the lauguage he was using against me. He poked me in the eye and told me to F**k off his property, if I did not he would cut my balls off and have them for his dinner....

I am very upset......

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Absolutely appalling customer service. Owner threatened me on the phone saying he would keep my car if i did not pay an unagreed £298 for works that i did not authorise.

I will be taking the matter up with trading standards

Word of friendly advice...Find an alternative trader

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I took my car in due to an immobiliser/alarm issue. We agreed on the phone and in person when I arrived at a diagnoses costing up to £30-£50. They agreed to ring me on my mobile before doing any work.

I popped down a few days later on a lunch break as I run a shop nearby and had heard nothing yet. I'm hit with a bill for £480 plus a days storage of the car. I'm told unless I pay they won't release the car and that the work carried out is legit, they said they tried ringing 7 times. I asked for a list of what was done but the owner said they can only invoice on full payment.

The owner basically says if I have a document saying works been done and paid for I can take the car and they will end up out of pocket. He has to protect his business and his living!

I said I didn't have the cash and I argued that I'd pay the original £50 as agreed but no more until they could prove work done. I said they had agreed to phone before work was done and that I have no messages or miss calls.

My mobile diverts to an office answer phone if dead or no signal.

I went back a day later and they had added another fee for storing my car for another day. I must add at this point the car was a lot dirtier than when I left it covered in dust and finger marks. I mentioned trading standards and the owner said I'm a liar and wouldn't get away with trying to con them.

He went on to say that I am at fault for not agreeing when to pick up the car, for having a non working mobile number and I am breaking the law by not paying the bill. Another employee said I'm an unreasonable shady character trying to get free work. They still wouldn't confirm work done or explain allow me to take the car.

Needless to say I went back down later that day with my brother in law who's a boxer and one of his mates who's a rugby lad. I ended up paying £50 and getting my car back once they had called the police. The police came and I explained the whole situation. The police eventually persuaded them to give me the car however the owner was horrible and abusive saying he'd lodge a complaint with the police and take me to court.

Just to add someone was kind enough to leave crumbs and a sandwich wrapper in the passenger footwell. I've only had one small issue with the alarm since but I'm not 100% they've actually done anything and I've gotten lucky.

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They took my car for a £30 diag and I ended up with a £580 bill with no call all to authorise any extra work or to say it would cost more to go further. When I said I will contest the bill I was told that it was a discounted rate and they can give me a proper bill if I like.

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The owner is a lunatic, this ACTUALLY happened:

My car has had an electrical fault, causing it to not completely turn over and run. On a Monday, Vehicle Electrix sent out a recovery vehicle to pick it up from my home address, the driver was lovely and stated that they would call me back that afternoon with a problem diagnosis. I did not hear from them, so, the following day I rang them. They stated they couldn't figure out the problem and would get back to me when they knew.

On the Thursday I received a call from them, saying that the immobilizer had malfunctioned, causing the vehicle to not work. They quoted me a price of £350, for two new manual keys, re-programming the immobilizer, VAT, labour and the recovery (their website states that recovery is FREE and they will be able to diagnose problems within a day, by now three days had passed) I was visiting family three hours away at the time and really needed my car for work, so I passed on my bank details over the phone, and didn't really question the price (as the work sounded very complicated) That afternoon, I phoned the my car manufactures help line to inquire whether or not they have had similar problems with this model, to which they stated they hadn't. I assumed this was a fault on my car.

On Friday I was returning to Lincoln and called the garage to tell them I would be able to pick the vehicle up at 4pm, and could I please have an itemized receipt of the work carried out, as well as a brief run through of what had caused the problem. I had an icy answer of "No, we can only give you your debit card receipt and list of problems, not an itemized bill."

I got to the garage at 3:50pm. There were two mechanics working on a car, and the gentlemen I had spoke to over the phone at the reception desk. One of the mechanics told me to go over to reception, to which the man (presumably the owner, Aidan???)) would give me my keys.

I introduced myself and he asked what I did for a living. I explained I was self employed and also worked front of house in a restaurant. He immediately said "Well you look like s**t and I would never employ somebody with tattoos, you look a right f****ing mess." I was taken aback and replied, 'Well I'm happy where I am and my employers don't mind my tattoos." He then continued swearing at me and began jabbing his finger at me. I asked him to stop to which he said "Just get off my f****ing premises, you look like a piece of s**t, you're not having your car." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, the other two mechanics were in the space but did not intervene. I told him I'd paid for the work and I'd just like my keys, otherwise I would call the police and report him to trading standards. He then came from behind the reception desk, yelling again to get off his f***ing premises and went to grab me, saying that he'd physically remove me if I didn't.

By this point I was quite scared and went to phone the police. He then said I could have my keys in an hour, so f**k off. I started crying and he began jumping up and down on the spot, pretending to cry. I walked out and he followed me, then saying I'd been there for half an hour, so I could have my keys in another half an hour (it had only been around five minutes) He went back into the garage and I could hear him shouting and crashing around. Whilst I was on the phone to the police, one of the other mechanics reversed my car out onto the roadside and handed me ONE key. The (owner) then came and thrust a receipt at me (which is NOT itemized) I sat in my car giving the rest of my statement over the phone to the police.

Unless you like verbal abuse and attempted physical assault I would not recommend this place. I have no idea what work was really carried out on my car- granted it works now, but the car was given back to me with the dash board hanging off, and when I drove home, the bonnet of my car came up!

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I found Vehicle Electrix Lincoln through I originally thought the company were based in Louth, as I rang the Louth number on the website. I only discovered they weren't local when they picked up my car.

The man who collected the car was efficient and friendly. The owner Aidan was the opposite. Once the car was in his possession he became rude. He was aggressive on the phone, didn't communicate what he was doing with my car and then charged double what he originally quoted. Foolishly I hadn't asked for a written quotation.

My strong recommendation is to avoid Vehicle Electrix Lincoln at all costs.

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