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Just been walking up New Hey Road (11.50am 27 Dec'14) when a K-line bus decided to undertake a car going slowly because of the road conditions. He sprayed my self and at least another four pedestrians with copious amounts of slush. Running late is no excuse for dangerous driving.

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I use the 343 bus regularly and it's case of taking your life in your hands the buses are that old and rickety. What is the point of giving all the drivers new uniforms when the buses don't work? They never run on time. They change drivers every time the bus comes into Huddersfield station and the drivers can spend up to 10 minutes talking to each other before they decide to change over even though it is well past the set off time. When will all this change? I thought when they were taken over by arriva that things would improve but I'm afraid not!
Hil F

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I along with 3 other people I was waiting for the 343 Bus from Huddersfield Bus Station to Halifax Bus Station, at the bottom of Salterhebble Hill, we were at the bus stop at 5.30 p.m. in plenty of time for the service. To our dismay on approaching the stop the driver put his foot down and drove straight past us. Will anything be done about this, I would think the simple answer is NO.

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I usually have no complaints about kline buses - until this morning when the driver was in such a tearing hurry that:
a) I had to literally wave madly at him before he noticed me at the bus stop
b) a few stops further on, he was still blinkered only to his own needs when a very elderly lady got on the bus. She was having obvious difficulty walking even with the aid of a walking stick. She hadn't taken one step away from the driver when he set off again - none too gently + very nearly caused her to fall. It's disgusting + I will be making a more formal complaint.
What on earth is the point in all these signs telling passengers to remain seated until the bus stops - in which case the driver usually doesn't stop anyway - if they're not going to let people get safely to a seat before setting off?

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You have to hand it to K-Line, they are a very progressive company who are far more liberal about who they employ than most companies. For instance, they are definitely not ageist judging by some of the very elderly drivers they employ such as the one with the weak bladder who urinated on in the alleyway by our house every morning or the one one who keeps on nodding off while driving and veering into the middle of the road. I guess underneath his angry, sociopathic demeanour, the owner has an extremely well-hidden heart of gold. Also no other UK bus company gives you as many thrills and spills as they hurtle down narrow country lanes and built up areas. You would probably have to travel thousands of miles just to find another bus service as like Long live K-Line, they never fail to amuse and give us something to talk about.

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I use K line and FIRST frequently from Marsh Tesco and have done for last 5 years,however, I must confirm thatI find the K line drivers are unprofessional,always seem very stressed out and more bothered about getting to the Bus station in time rather than be polite,courteous and safe. The speeding they do is unacceptable and dangerous, as well as they will drive blatantly past bus stops and not bother picking up waiting passengers,in order to make up time!!!The journey is always uncomfortable and makes you very anxious!Today I had to really wave a bus down that was going to go past me as he was late. The driver told me off for not getting the earlier K line for which I wasnt even at the bus stop for!He made me feel very embarrassed and spoilt my morning and continued to drive at dangerousley at high speed, as he said he was running late!Totally unacceptable!11.2.14,08.45am,DRV 900104,bus 622,reg YJ07 JLU,tkt 8043,route 319,thornhill rd-hudds,route 319.I would recommend that this driver be reminded of Health and safety as well as customer Care!

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Todsy 7th Feb 2014, myself & friends traveled from Huddersfield to Hebden Bridge on the 901 service. The outward journey was uneventful. We went to the bus stop for the return journey on the 16:20, last service of the day. We were waiting for the bus to arrive & we saw the bus at the corner & the driver (a female) was shouting out of her window at what we thought was a car driver stood at his parked car. We expected the bus to come round the corner to the stop, instead it went in the opposite direction! The man who we thought she was shouting at, came to us at the bus stop & asked if we were going to Huddersfield & when we answered yes, he said that was what she was shouting & because we hadn't gone up to where she was she'd just left us. We hung around for a few minutes hoping that she'd just gone to turn around easier or something but no, she had driven off leaving me & my two friends & another person waiting at the bus stop! We couldn't believe it!
Luckily for us we managed to get to the train station & catch a train back.
We were all appalled that a bus driver would do this, just leave passengers waiting & not even drive past the bus stop.

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Thursday 23rd February 2014: Route 378: 1030 a.m. I boarded the Bus at the first stop in Greenhead Road my destination was the Royal Infirmary. The driver went past Lawrence Road and had to do a U-turn to get back on route. Left the Royal Infirmary at 11.00 a.m. Bus failed to stop despite my request for it to do so! Surely the Royal Infirmary should be made a compulsory stop for all buses. When they are traveling at speed along Acre Street it is very difficult to spot the Number of the bus especially if the sun is shining on the front of the bus as it approaches. More attention by the driver would be appreciated.
I am aged 84

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Can't thank K Line enough for their help in locating my wife's bag which she left on the 324 bus when getting off at Meltham. Very honest and kind driver (think his name was Brian), and the 2 people who coordinated the operation from the Honley depot. Money and irreplaceable valuable ring in the purse, so a great loss has been averted by the commitment and honesty of K Line staff (and the bag and it's contents were back with their owner within an hour). Many thanks again to all concerned.

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k-line buses are very good but there driver are quite the opposite they seem to please there themselves on what millage they do they turn themselves short on journeys and no one says a damn word to them and they leave the bus station early wheres the managers to stop them it makes me sick won what lazy they are wake up managers and get yourself out there and shake them up.

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