English Martyrs R C School and 6TH Form College in Hartlepool

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English Martyrs R C School and 6TH Form College
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English Martyrs R C School and 6TH Form College
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I attended this school from 1996 to 2001, my experience there was awful.
The teachers there had 1 style of teaching, they did not believe that students could learn better with different teaching styles.
I was frequently told that I was stupid and that I would never get anywhere in life (I was even told this by my music teacher).

Teachers would loose students work and then accuse students of not handing anything in.

Also, bullying was very bad in this school, although they would hide this my calling it fighting.
Some examples of fighting, a student had a brick thrown at his head, and he was suspended for fighting.
On another occasion, I was talking to a teacher, a student approached me and punched me in the head, and I was out in isolation, in my own room away from anyone as a punishment for fighting (as described by a teacher: a room used for storage with no windows, please make your own judgement on that one).

Extra curricular activities are awarded to those with the best grades, so if you are average or below, you're in for a boring school life.

So in summary, it's a school where bullying is rife, yet they punish the victim, if a student struggles with the single style of teaching, be prepared for low GCSE results.

This school made me loose faith in the education system, however that has finally been restored, and I am now well on my way to achieving a university degree, I have to say, no thanks to English martyrs school.

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