St Marys R C Church in Great Yarmouth

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8:54:22 AM
Saturday, January 19, 2019


St Marys R C Church
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St Marys looks very nice now.
It had similarly named convent school in the '60s which I attended.
It was an asylum for wayward nuns I now believe - I still awake in a sweat when I have the recurring nightmare of Mother Pancratius looming over me with what seemed the largest cane in existence, certainly providing the most painful 'six of the best' I've ever received on a weekly basis.
It was a prep school for the church, into which I was then inducted, and found myself baptised, confirmed and an altar boy in very short order.

Over a 16 month period I was sexually and psychologically abused-enough in fact that I refused to go to the Church.

These people are dead and safe from any claims now.
I suspect they are still in purgatory awaiting a decision on their fiery final destination.

So St Marys was 'at it' in those days-the same as the majority of large churches in the country. And unfortunately, as with the others, are refusing to face the truth - it happened.

To find today that the vatican dismisses the UN report into child abuse as 'distorted', is mind boggling for those who suffered the abuse.

I think I recovered mentally when I left the place.
If you can call being an Atheist,crossing the road to avoid churches and still having horrible dreams at age 57 a recovery of any note.

I'm aware it's not a glowing review and doubt if it sees the light of day - but believe that any organisation that has undertaken such vile crimes should admit it and accept responsibility for them - at present it's in a state of denial.

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