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GLASGOW STORE: I have bought various pieces from FH. When I was left, 1 of the 3, 1ct diamonds from my late Mothers ring, FH was the obvious place to go to get a quote to make a ring! The diamond was in a zip lock bag beside pearl earrings and a pearl & diamond pendant. I also took in a large diamond ring and a diamond bangle that was made there that needed to be fixed for the second time! I showed the asst the earrings and pendant to ask if they were real and then they were put back in the box. We discussed the design of the ring and over an hour later I was getting ready to leave. I asked the asst to put the stone back into a zip lock bag? Don't know what happened to the one that I brought the stone in and I did wonder but I didn't think to ask! She left the small table and went up to the main desk to get a bag! On her return she handed me the ring and the box which I presumed held the earrings, pendant & diamond. When I got home I removed the ring and box from my bag only to find the diamond missing! I phoned the shop and spoke with the asst, who confirmed she put the stone in the box! I then asked for a copy of the cctv as a process of elimination! 4 days later I had not heard from any management so I phoned the shop and the Manager knew nothing about it! On receiving the cctv it showed 6 mins of over an hours visit! So, I went to the police, who also requested the full cctv image to be sent to me. Again, it only showed her handing me the box & ring! Nobody was disputing that, it was what was in the box and it showing her going up the main desk which she denied doing to the extremely dismissive regional manager! The Police are now saying she admitted going up to the desk but only with the earrings?? Why the earrings? They were put back In the box within the first 5 mins and never mentioned again! This was a good 50 mins later! There are lots of things that don't add up and the regional manager is refusing to answer my questions. The cctv is now gone, if they had only sent the full recording this horrendous episode could have been done weeks ago. Now I am left broken hearted losing my Mums diamond and I've lots of unanswered questions! Everyone who has heard all the facts, including the
police think, something doesn't add up but the Management will not address any of my questions! I can't even get a senior managements email address to convey my side of events which clearly do not match the assistants! As said, if I had got the full cctv footage as requested when I first noticed the diamond missing, I would not be in this position!! My complaint has not been taken seriously and the regional Managers offensive and curt manner is an absolute disgrace! I can't even enjoy my existing jewellery because it reminds me of this horrific devastating experience!!!

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