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As somebody who is living which chronic but manageable back complaints, when I returned home to Fermanagh for a holiday (I now live abroad) I needed my monthly/fortnightly adjustment and looked in the area for specialists..

I see a fantastic Osteopath in London who does manual adjustment to my spine, acupuncture and soft tissue releases across my back. All of this alongside regular exercise has me in fully working condition 95% of the time.

Without wanting to get into the Osteopathy/Chiropractic argument, chiros want you in and out in 10 mins max with the smallest amount of work, regardless of your specific back complaints are they do some thoracic spine and neck releases which make loads of nice, loud noises but are unless thats where your tension is. Total placebo effect.

This guy (Jorgen Pedersen) had the cheek to charge me £60 for one consultation (10 mins of notetaking) and a followup session a couple of days later. I have a very specific trigger point on my back (you can feel it like a small rubber ball) which needs elbow grease and tough work.. he rubbed some heat oil slightly on the spot for 60 seconds (minimal, minimal pressure) and told me to come back for another session a week later.. $$$$$$$$$

I said to him upon him finishing the session, "is that it?" - his response was "quick and fast treatment shocks the body into response" - completely untrue in the case of soft tissue work, which he new fine rightly.. he was surprised one of his customers knew what they were talking about and got flustered badly when I challenged him.

I walked out of there feeling absolutely robbed.. a crook looking for an easy job, did the 5 year degree and thinks that entitles him to do nothing.. same as every chiro! Doesn't care about his "patients"

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