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Unicom Insurance Services Ltd.
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197-205 High Street
Ponders End
United Kingdom
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Unicom Insurance Services Ltd.
is rated 2/5 based on 4 reviews.

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Very bad service,
They cancelled my policy and after a month they tried to claim 3000 pounds off me for an accident that happened on a car that was sold a long time ago.
They then asked me for a proof of sale which I emailed across to them along with a copy of a v5 document and got a reply saying that the case is resolved,

today they called me again via a company called (insurance collections bureau) who by the way are not a government organisation, to ask me for 1300 pounds to cover a years premium ,
I don't understand how this is possible when the initial quote for the years policy was 1050 pounds and I had already paid them two instalments of 98 pounds and a deposit of 285 pounds.

Please avoid,
getting a policy from this company no matter hoe attractive their quote sounds.

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Poorest service I have ever received in all 45 years so far! All I wanted was a quote for a policy. Filled the forms out on their website two weeks ago and NOTHING! Called a numerous occasions and all sales staff are busy constantly! Strange how their renewals are never busy! Think there is a message there!

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Fantastic broker.

Been with them for years.

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We had an insurance through Unicom for our business vehicle and everything was going fine, until one day, stuck in traffic our vehicle was hit on the side by slow moving vehicle.

There was no damage to vehicles but the proud owner decided to call in the ambulance and police.

The whole thing was a farce and from a victim of a hit we turned into a Defendant in an insurance claim.

Unicom turned back on us and before the claim was even processed, they put our insurance with £2,800 payable within 7 days.

Do not book insurance from this company as one day you will regret it.

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