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Local Authority Schools in Eastbourne

We found 35 Local Authority Schools in Eastbourne, United Kingdom.

Name Full Address
Bourne County Primary School Melbourne Road
Eastbourne BN22 8BD United Kingdom
Cavendish School Eldon Road
Eastbourne BN21 1UE United Kingdom
Eastbourne Tutorial Unit 9 Park Lane
Eastbourne BN21 2UU United Kingdom
Forest Riding Centre Ltd 39/41 Upperton Road
Eastbourne BN21 1LN United Kingdom
Hampden Park County Infant School 124 Brodrick Road
Eastbourne BN22 9RB United Kingdom
Hazel Court School Shinewater Lane
Eastbourne BN23 8AT United Kingdom
Hazel Court Secondary School Larkspur Drive
Eastbourne BN23 8EJ United Kingdom
Highfield County Junior School The Hydneye
Eastbourne BN22 9BX United Kingdom
Langney County Primary School Chailey Close
Eastbourne BN23 7EA United Kingdom
Lindfield School Lindfield Rd Hampden Park
Eastbourne BN22 0BQ United Kingdom
Name Full Address

Recent reviews for Local Authority Schools in Eastbourne

Melinda S.
25 March 2014
Ratton School

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The school iteself is okay, but terrible first impression from the miserable, unfriendly, unhelpful receptionist. Every time she acts like everything is too much trouble and tutts and complains and tries to get the parents to do her work for her, so she doesn't have to move and can carry on chatting to other staff members. Have no idea how she keeps her job, I'm not the only parent who's noticed her surly, rude behaviour towards parents and kids at the school.