Ambulance Services in Durham

We found 2 Ambulance Services in Durham, United Kingdom.

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Ambulance Service Training Centre Earls House Hospital
Durham DH1 5XZ United Kingdom
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Durham County Ambulance Services Nhs Finchale Road Framwellgate Moor
Durham DH1 5JS United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Ambulance Services in Durham

Liz W.
07 November 2012
Durham County Ambulance Services Nhs

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I had an accident on Saturday 3rd November. I had a head injury and was on the ground outside Barclays Bank in Seaham. A passerby rang for an ambulance at 1:10pm and the ambulance finally arrived at 2pm. The ambulance personnel were beyond reproach and got me to hospital very quickly. My blood pressure was 260/115 and I already suffer from hypertension. If I had had a stroke, which I have strong family history of, a wait of 50 minutes could have been a matter of life and death, or severe disability. The ambulance men said that they were the only ambulance on the road in this area and they had already been to Haswell, Hartlepool and Stanley before they got to me. I have no complaint about the paramedics, they were wonderful, but one vehicle over such a large area is surely not enough for safety.