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The Derby Fireplace Co. Ltd.
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Wyvern Way
Wyvern Retail Park A52 Derby
DE21 6NZ
United Kingdom
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The Derby Fireplace Co. Ltd.
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Don't touch this company with a bargepole. Unless you want really bad customer service by a company and people who take NO responsibility for any problems they cause.
Expensive and not good.

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It is a long time since I have experienced such poor customer service, once you have paid your money over they completely lose interest in any problems, despite their 10 year guarantee. I had to chase them continually to get them to honour their guarantee and in the end they managed to make some money on the repair work they had done for my mum, see below for details. Recommend not using them, they are expensive and unprofessional.

November 2009: My mum paid over £3,000 to The Derby Fireplace Company ( to have a wood burning stove and chimney liner fitted in her bungalow. This followed a visit to the bungalow by The Derby Fireplace Company, to assess the work and hardware required. My mum was told the work came with a 10 year guarantee.

17th October 2013: Chimney was swept, the liner broke and was left hanging out of the chimney. My mum phoned The Derby Fireplace and asked if this was covered under the guarantee and was reassured by Mick Harrison that it was. Mick came round that night but then started making noises about the chimney sweep being to blame. The same chimney sweep has cleaned the chimney regularly, since the liner was fitted.

19th October 2013: I spoke to Keith Harrison on my mum’s behalf (she is in her seventies and felt that she was being brushed off) and asked what the state of play was. Keith told me that an inspection would be done during the week by the liner manufacturer, Dochertys, to decide if the liner was faulty.

25th October 2013: I visited the showroom at the Wyvern, introduced myself to Keith and asked him why the inspection hadn’t happened and pointed out that the length of liner protruding from the chimney was dangerous. Keith said he would have a fitter call round on Tuesday (29th October 2013) to trim the liner back and also that he would phone me on Monday (28th October 2013) to arrange a date for Dochertys to inspect the liner. During my conversation with Keith, his primary interest seemed to be that he wouldn’t have to foot any part of the cost of the repair work, he had very little interest in the fact that my mum could not use the fire.

28th October 2013: I phoned Keith and he said they would be trimming the liner on 29th October 2013. He later phoned me to say he would arrange for Dochertys to inspect the liner on Tuesday 29th October 2013.

29th October 2013: Dochertys inspected the liner and were very kind and courteous to my mum, reassuring her that there would be no problem getting the liner replaced.

3rd November 2013: I spoke to Keith Harrison and he said he hadn’t heard from Dochertys but that he would contact them on 5th November 2013. He was really disinterested in talking to me about the problem and I got the impression he said this to get me off the phone.

5th November 2013: I phoned Keith, he said he hadn’t had time to phone Dochertys and when I asked when he might have time to make the call, he said he didn’t know when he would have the time. I tried to press him to make the call but to no avail. I later spoke to another member of staff who revealed that Dochertys were happy to replace the liner.

9th November 2013: I spoke to Keith, he said that Phil Magnull from Dochertys had agreed that the liner was faulty and they would replace it. He said that they wouldn’t replace the liner unless Dochertys agreed to cover the cost of fitting as well. I pointed out that the guarantee was from The Derby Fireplace Company to my mum and that they should now replace the liner under the guarantee they gave and then recover their costs, if appropriate, from Dochertys. Keith wasn’t interested in doing any guarantee work that involved any cost to The Derby Fireplace Company. He said he would speak to Dochertys and ask if they would pay the fitting costs and let me know the result on Monday (11th November 2013) .

11th November 2013: I phoned Keith and got the impression that speaking to Dochertys was very low on his list of priorities, so I asked for Dochertys number and phoned them myself. I spoke to Phil Magnull from Dochertys, who was very sympathetic, said that Dochertys would cover all the costs and said he would speak to Keith.

11th November 2013: I spoke to Keith and he confirmed that Dochertys would cover the cost. I asked when the work would take place and he told me they couldn’t do it until 24th December 2013!

24th December 2013: The liner was replaced and the fire refitted. My mum had been without the fire for 68 days.

3rd January 2014: The Flue adjuster on the fire jammed. My mum phoned The Derby Fireplace Company and reported the problem. An appointment was made for a fitter to call and repair it on 17th January 2014, a wait of another 14 days for my mum.

17th January 2014: The fitter didn’t call as he was off sick. Mick Harrison from the Derby Fireplace Company called in the evening and couldn’t fix the problem. He said he would phone back when he had looked at a similar model in the showroom to try to determine the problem.

24th January 2014: A fitter called and replaced the Flue Adjuster and charged my mum £227.38.

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