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Company came out as agreed.Sales pitch given and as usual it was buy it now as it's been discounted for a short period. Quote was given to fix the leaking dormer where the sides met the main roof and water was running down the beams and fit a new rubber roof to the dormer.Salesman quoted £3500 and stated the problem would be fixed. When work commenced the company sent a scaffolding company out which had to be paid separately. This was another £400 but as the the roof needed to be done I had to pay it.Thought this was included in the £3500 quote. Work was undertaken and thought that was the end of my worries, how wrong was I. As soon as we had a downpour the rain came in and it was in the exact same place which was supposed to have been fixed.
After calling the company they sent out the roofer which had done the work. He put some ladders up and when onto the dormer. He was there for about 5 minutes then told me that he had pushed down some lead which was sticking up. When it rained again it leaked again.Roofer came out again and this time he went round the lead with a hammer. Well this made things worse-it poured in when it rained.Rang company and this time they sent the salesman round he thought he found the leak and when he lifted the lead discovered that I had 12 broken tiles which he replaced when he realised it had been done on the roofers last visit. This still did not fix the problem so yet again they were called. Salesman came round again and he went on the roof and put silicon in the tile joints!!!. Roof still leaked and they now refuse to take my calls or respond to letters. Have now had to pay another roofing company to fix the problem. Transpires that the roof needed soakers under the tiles at the side of the dormer and NOT lead on top of the tiles and up the side of the dormer WHICH THIS COMPANY HAD DONE. This has now cost me £800 INCLUDING the scaffolding and seems to have fixed the problem. IN SHORT THE WORK THIS COMPANY CARRIED OUT WAS UNNECESSARY AND OVERPRICED. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE.

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