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Roy's Quality Foods Ltd.
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Bedwas House Industrial Estate
CF83 8XP
United Kingdom
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Roy's Quality Foods Ltd.
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Bought a pack of 3 pasties in Lidl today, great disappointment.....3 big chunks of inedible gristle/blood vessel in 1 of them, quite off putting and far too much pepper.The claim on the wrapper includes "Castle Grove Range promise quality & satisfaction with every bite" - O yes! I don't think so!! I shall be reporting my finding to Lidl HO as normally their products are of a higher quality than these.

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Bought Roy's "Simply Sausgae Rolls" from Lidl - absolutely inedible and disgusting!!! The outside layer of pastry as OK but tasteless - BUT the inside OMG as raw! Even after the recommended 15 mins at Gas Mark 5 in a preheated oven. I actually cooked them for a further 4 mins as they didn't brown well - but as I said still raw! And the pork filling - UGH!! A greenish-grey colour. Never had such awful fare from anywhere before. Watch out Lidl shoppers! (PS: Had to give a star for the review to be accepted but wanted to give none or -*!!!!)

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What makes me giggle is that these pasties are peters. Peters food caerphilly and roys quality foods . Check out the address :)

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OMG!How awful are these pasties.. No meat, just rols and rolls of pastry. Total waste of money

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I bought a packet of 3 castle grove traditional pasties from my local lidl last week, the first 2 were just about edible the third one consisted wholly of puff pastry there was no trace of any filling at all - not a smidgin. Very dissapointed complete waste of money - will not touch their products again. john tonkinson

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What a dissapointment,at last I found a firm making pasties with no artificial flavourings or colours,great.
Some one must have emptied a whole canister of pepper to the two I bought,they were inedible the worst we,ve had.why put pepper in ?
If I wanted pepper I could put some in myself.
back to the drawing board I think.
Very dissatisfied customer.

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Purchased two packets of traditional pasties..potato not cooked through properly, quite revolting

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Very dissapointed. Nearly all pastry afew bits
of chicken and little gravy only. Bought 3 packets!
Very unhappy customer.

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