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Saturday, August 15, 2020


Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary
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Rochdale Road
Edenfield Ramsbottom
United Kingdom
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Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary
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I adopted a lovely rescue dog from Bleakholt last September and she has now been with us one year.
Throughout my time of walking the dog prior to formally "booking her" and commencing the adoption process, I always found the staff helpful,hard working but attentive. Michael who was in charge of the dog section was very informative. Michelle who looked after the row of kennels were my dog resided, was so helpful, nothing was too much trouble for her. I found the home visit and adoption process very thorough but passed no problem after having a fence build to secure my garden.

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I'm very disappointed in Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.
Me and my boyfriend have wanted a cat for some time and we decided that the best thing to do was to give a home to a cat which really needed it. We decided to go to this sanctuary several times until we were certain we had the right cat for us.
We reserved the cat and today we received the home visit. The woman was very friendly and extremely positive, she asked a couple of questions and raised concerns which we were able to dispel, one of which was the typical question of whether we lived on a main road; we live in a cul-de-sac and we assured her that the larger road nearby was not a main road and only receives sparse traffic. She was apparently satisfied with this, and after seeing the back garden, the surrounding area, and knowing that I work from home and that I would be able to supervise the cat practically all the time she basically said she was
happy and she would pass this on to the Sanctuary and that we would be allowed to have the cat. The whole time she was here she was giving advice, and talking about the cat as if we were going to be permitted to adopt it right from the beginning. We were naturally extremely pleased, thanked her for her time, then set out to buy the supplies we would need e.g. litter tray, scratch post, etc.

However around an hour later we received a phone call from the home visitor who informed us that on her return to the Sanctuary she had been told by the staff that because we live on a main road they would not allow us to take the cat. After a moment's deliberation we decided to contest this by phoning the Sanctuary and explaining the road situation. On doing so the staff told us it was the home visitor's decision and that she had changed her mind for an unknown reason related to the road after leaving our premises. This was in direct contradiction to what the visitor had said herself, and no satisfactory
explanation for the reason was given. The Sanctuary refused to discuss any more stating that the home visitor's decision was final. This seems to be underhanded,self-contradictory, and unnecessarily raised our hopes since at the time of leaving we were definitely assured that the cat would be ours.

We have kept pets (including cats) all our lives, and while I understand that they have the best interests of the cat in mind, they are depriving the cat of a loving forever home with experienced people simply because of an unexplained reason which presumably is related to a rule which our house does not break.

With such strict restrictions and dishonest manner of working I can understand now why they have so many cats in need of rehoming, and many plaques in memory of cats that spent their rest of their lives wasting away in confined pens, constantly subjected to a parade of potential owners and children's probing fingers while they wait for a home which never comes.

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