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Rowe Veterinary Group
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Yate Surgery
9 Station Road
BS37 5HT
United Kingdom
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I had my little girl collie dog with Rowe's in Yate, and at 9 yrs she had Lymphoma and it devastated me. I saw 3 lady vets around the time on different visits and 2 suggested Chemotherapy but gave no real info so I had to research it online. It can make dogs them very sick and there are frequent visit's every week over 6 months with no guarantees, and with only a handful making it to nearly 2 years none exceeding that. We knew that our girl would hate it all, they were pushy about me doing chemo and they tried to make me feel guilty about not doing it, I felt like a cash cow.
Later on, at the time that she was ready to be put to sleep, the assistant kindly asked if I wanted to hold her, and I said yes, the vet came in and said no I couldn't hold her and got her assistant to restrain her. They started to crowd her too and she started to panic and thrash about, they restrained her hard whilst she was put to sleep, and the look of betrayal on her face as she looked at me, for letting them do that to her, it tore my heart out. I wished after that I had stopped them, In fact I should have stopped them. Even my partner said after without any prompt about the look of horror in her eyes at the time. I couldn't even get close enough to reassure her, and then her head fell down and she was gone. I am crying hard whilst writing this, and 2 years down the line and I still cry for her and dream about her.
I had involuntary flash backs for the first 3 months, couldn't sleep and cried all of the time. I would have grieved for her anyway, but I felt completely traumatized. She was actually restrained very hard and was in a complete state of panic about it, I know that if they had let me hold her she would have remained calm and it would have been a million times better for us both. Neither of us were considered with compassion and respect at all, and I will never be able to forget or forgive what happened
Then 2 weeks later I received a sorry for your loss card, which only completed the insult!
No I don't rate Rowe's and speaking to friends and acquaintances i'm not the only one who has had a negative experience and feels this way!

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