Cafes and Tea Rooms in Brighton

We found 95 Cafes and Tea Rooms in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Name Full Address Phone
Alices 113 St Georges Road
Brighton BN2 1EA United Kingdom
Anna & C Stellabotte 3 North Street
Brighton BN41 1DH United Kingdom
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Annita's Coffee House 22 North Rd
Brighton BN1 1YA United Kingdom
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Arcade Coffee House 15b Imperial Arcade
Brighton BN1 3EA United Kingdom
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B's 50 Preston Road
Brighton BN1 4QF United Kingdom
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Beach Break Cafe 158 Kings Road Arches
Brighton BN1 1NB United Kingdom
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Beach Cafe Palace Pier Madeira Drive
Brighton BN2 1EN United Kingdom
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Becky's Cafe Elm Gro
Brighton BN2 3ET United Kingdom
Belcher's Cafe 9 Montpelier Road
Brighton BN1 2LQ United Kingdom
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Biederhoff's 176 Edward Street
Brighton BN2 0JB United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Cafes and Tea Rooms in Brighton

Bart B.
29 June 2014
Whitecliffs Beach Cafe

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

As we are locals, we have visited this place few times before, so we were aware that it's not perfect and service is quite slow, but still it wasn't bothering us too much.
Till today. We were told by someone that their breakfasts are pretty good, so we decided to try them. We weren't expecting too much with the experience we already had with them, so reheated sausages and bacon weren't much of a surprise, however what happened next definitely needs a comment.
We ordered three breakfasts, we have received two quite quick and one with a delay, but it was still ok. Unfortunately, in the delayed breakfast there was a HAIR in a fried egg, so we showed that to the waitress. She took the plate and disappeared without telling us what's next. We had been waiting for it over 15 minutes, where in the meantime other tables were served with their breakfasts instead of making ours as a priority for such a disgrace as hair in a food. After 15 minutes we decided to leave without paying for that breakfast. In this very minute waitress appeared with it, but we said we don't want it anymore and we want the bill. In this moment manager has come and asked what has happened, and WHAT COLOUR was the hair!!! We laughed with disbelief, but said it was dark and long and we heard that none of the chefs has hair like that! It sounded almost like he was suggesting that it was our hair/fault. It made me absolutely cross with him as I was hungry and couldn't believe in how he was treating me, his customer - I asked again for the bill. He brought it with the 'faulty' breakfast on it, so I said I won't pay for it, so he started shouting at me and threatening me with police! Only because my little children were with me and I didn't want them to witness even more aggression and be in the middle of that row, I left the money on the table and start leaving. All of a sudden the manager has disappeared and one of the chefs turned up to argue with me too! NEVER AGAIN. I've never been treated like that in any other place I had coffee or food. People sitting next too us, agreed with us as shortly before 'the hair', they had problems with service too, as they mixed up the order and told those customers that they gonna have to wait now, as they are busy. What the hell?! Isn't a customer the priority, especially the one who's been wrongly served because of staff's mistake, not customer's fussiness? Seriously, don't go there.

Shane H.
28 September 2012
La Bohemia Cafe

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

As a table of five people, Bohemia Brighton offered relatively good standards of food with quick service. Food included, Tempura Prawns, Duck starter, steak and chips, and chocolate cake desert.

The only problem was that three of us had the Tempura Prawns and within 45 minutes of eating them, there was severe episodes of Diarrhoea which was incredible unpleasant.

Obviously upset at the experience, we had written to the restaurant explaining this. Personally it would have been nice for some questions about what happens, the symptoms of the illness, when it happened, how long after etc. Instead we received a rather dismissive response insinuating that this was the result of heavy drinking and a clearly insulted 'Igor Beaulieu' (General Manager)

We had no more than 2-3 bottles of beer/cider and quite frankly, at least a sympathetic tone would have been appreciated. The fact is 3 of us were sick and all three of us had the same systems after eating the same starter. Perhaps their Chef's should wash their hands a little better.

My recommendation would be 'NOT' to visit this restaurant and waste your money on reheated deserts and poorly defrosted prawns.