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Woodman Road Cemetery Off Woodman Road Warley
Brentwood CM14 5AU United Kingdom
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Barbara W.
04 October 2013
Woodman Road Cemetery

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I am the Gatekeeper at Woodman road and often have people knocking on my door to ask for information about their relatives Graves. and I help as much as I can at the moment I do not have access to burial records so unless they have a grave number I can not help other than point out what section it may be in the cemetery is divided in to 3 main sections Catholic, non-conformist & Church of England I am not sure if this has been updated of late as the Cemetery has had 2 more sections opened since I have been here in the last 12 tears I have seen many changes to the layout of the cemetery and cars are now allowed beyond the main car park to make it easier to access graves and cremation plots towards the back of the cemetery.