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Alum Grange Hotel
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1 Burnaby Road
United Kingdom

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Alum Grange Hotel
is rated 2/5 based on 4 reviews.

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I stayed at the Alum Grange after a wedding in Bournemouth. It was the cheapest hotel we could find so were not surprised that it was old fashioned. However we were shocked that our room clearly hadn't been cleaned even though we were told we had been given the best room in the hotel! So were a little surprised when the carpet had bits on it and clearly hadn't been hoovered. However this paled in comparison to the state of the bathroom, there was stale urine in the toilet and skid marks, and there was hair all over the bath. The wallpaper was peeling off and the room stank of damp. I did only see one spider in the room, but it luckily it was dead. One positive note is that the sheets appeared clean. Breakfast was fine, although our cutlery was dirty. Agree with the other review that describes this place as Fawlty Towers! One to avoid definitely.

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In reply to these two reviews , the first the wedding party yes breakfast was one sitting at 9 am as there is just my husband and myself cooking and running the meal and may I say all breakfasts were delivered by 9.30 perhaps these people would be more suited going to a premier inn and having to pay extra for breakfast and it being self service.And as for the rooms not being modern the hotel was built in 1891 so the rooms are in keeping.As far as rooms not being clean this is just pure nastiness as the rooms were spotless, (Some people should just stay at home. Second review we did not let rooms on a room only basis in June so sorry not our hotel ( there are ones very close with very similar names .

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We booked this hotel as we were attending a wedding and stayed for two nights. The hotel must have been based on Fawlty Towers. One couple ran the hotel, and obviously needed help. Our room could have done with a good clean, everything was old, and we had no sugar, coffee and hand towels. My husband made a couple of trips to the proprietors in order to secure these items. The toilet paper ran out the last night and so we used our tissues. Breakfast was hilarious, and a good job we knew many of the guests so we all had a laugh to help us come to terms with it. We were told to make our choice for breakfast the night before which we duly did for the next morning which was supposed to avoid delays. We had to be in the dining room at 9a.m. no staggering of times. Unfortunately the food took a long time coming as the wife cooked the breakfasts and the husband waited on the tables. It did not seem to matter if you arrived in the dining area first as it did not qualify you receiving the first breakfast. On the second and last morning one person gave up and left the hotel saying that he would get breakfast on his way home. It was very sad that this happened bearing in mind that he had already paid for his room and breakfast with an added single room supplement. Major improvements are required, and help needed if they wish to attract holiday makers. On current performance this really is a hotel to avoid.

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I stayed at the Alum Grange hotel for 3 weeks in june, on a room only basis, and i would never stay at this hotel again. There was very little security as the front door was frequently left open with nobody on reception. I found the proprietors to be civil but definitely not friendly or helpful. The sheets on the bed were ripped and one of them had a stain that looked like dry lood. When i booked out i had to clean the room myself and even though the whole family were available i had to struggle with 2 heavy cases down the stairs. I would recommend anybody NOT to use this hotel.

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