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We found 232 Estate Agents in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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A T Young & Co. 3 International House Old Walsall Road Great Barr
Birmingham B42 1NN United Kingdom
A Tech Properties Ltd Somerset Ho Temple St
Birmingham B2 5DP United Kingdom
Abbas 547 Coventry Rd
Birmingham B10 0LP United Kingdom
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Abc Property Services Ltd. Somerset House Temple Street
Birmingham B2 5DN United Kingdom
Accommodation Link Ltd. 59 Station Road Erdington
Birmingham B23 6UE United Kingdom
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Accomodation Booking Centre 127 Portland Rd
Birmingham B16 9QX United Kingdom
Acres Estate Agents 921 Walsall Road Great Barr
Birmingham B42 1TN United Kingdom
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Acres Estate Agents 67 Mason Road
Birmingham B24 9EH United Kingdom
Adam & Abdeen Ltd 33 Woodbridge Road Moseley
Birmingham B13 8EH United Kingdom
Advent Estates Ltd. 173-175 Waterloo Road Hay Mills
Birmingham B25 8LH United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Estate Agents in Birmingham

Martha M.
10 December 2014
Robert Aston & Co

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

I cannot stress enough how disappointed we were with this estate agents. I have rented for the past 10 years and never been treated this way. As soon as we had signed for our new flat and paid the deposit they couldn't care less. The day we moved into our flat it was disgusting. We had no hot water, the heater didn't work and the whole place was a mess. There was rubbish rotting in an old bin that had been left. I had to clean the entire place before i moved in without any hot water.

Since the property was now being managed by the landlord we knew we would have to sort it with him. The problem was that the estate agents had not given us his contact details. But apparently now because it was being managed by the landlord they couldn't accept responsibility for anything. So we had all these things wrong, they wouldn't help us and we had no way of contacting the landlord since they claimed to not have any of his details apart from an email address (??). They were extremely unhelpful and kept repeating that nothing was now their responsibility and couldn't help us. How can an estate agents possibly have a landlord on their books without even having his contact details?? Eventually, after kicking up a big fuss they agreed to have someone come and look at these things for us - 3 days after we had moved in.

We had also asked for a curtain rail to be installed before we moved in (it took 2 weeks of chasing up this request to be given an answer). The one they eventually installed was only suitable for a thin net curtain and nothing more. When we asked the landlord about all of these things he said he had specifically paid the estate agents to make sure everything was in working order and clean. They had clearly not done this - knowing that once they had our money and we had signed the contract there would be nothing we could do about it.

I would strongly recommend that you do not use this estate agents.

Rob S.
10 November 2014
Churchills Real Estate

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

This is a crook(or group of crooks) who will rent to you without ever securing your deposit. Upon expiry of the contract, they will steal your deposit, claiming X or Y reason. The contracts signed are Mickey-mouse, and do not stand in court. It is illegal to rent without a government protection scheme, yet they systematically do it. They have made it a business to rip people off, never repair anything in the house/apartment you rent from them, and come up with excuses for not providing any type of clarity in their transactions (e.g., no receipts or invoices, etc).

They used to be under the name "Christchurch properties" but after being brought to small claims court 4-5 times in the past 6 years (and lose every single case) they changed the name to Churchill's Real Estate, but do not be fooled, the same people still run the shop.

Avoid at all costs!!!