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Consulate General of India
is rated 1/5 based on 9 reviews.

Nalini B.
08 August 2014


0 rated service. No help at all specially for people with specific scenario. When asked questions very rude replies. Tried to ring them no one picks up phone. No help counter. There websites don't giving full information about document requirements. Extreamly poor service. There service like this will effect tourism in India.
Kay K.
27 May 2014


once again 0 rating (if it was possible. I took the day off work travelled 3hours into birmingham to sit with my disabled mother from 9.00am until 4pm just waiting for this unorganised, inefficient organisation to react when the crowds of people started getting impatient and annoyed. the staff are incompetent, (used a calculator to add up to £175 one of which was a £50, 6 x£20 and £5 note) they are rude and unhelpful. Considering the amount of money they take from us every day the service is absolutely appalling, staffing should be increased, staff should be trained and the process should be streamlined to save queuing up twice for the same application. 42 days later no OCI ,no body answering the phones no replies to emails....this isn't an embassy...its a joke!
Suki J.
18 March 2014


Where do I start.... Shabby surroundings, no facilities for a baby changing room, no disabled toilets, the windows do not open in the building, therefore condensation from 100 customers, no toilet rolls in the toilets. My sister had to lie her daughter on the floor so that she could change her nappy!!!! And staff that communicate through head movement!!
The staff have no knowledge of what good customer service is, if it hit them in the face. The staff do not care, they do not provide any support for the customers that cannot speak English.
So if you want a day out , this is the place to go, not . Money making organisation!
Dilip K.
20 February 2014


Very poor service. Money deducted but no passport. Since last month tried calling to a full mailbox phone no., fax, email and feedback on the phone but no reply. The only option left is to take a day off at work at travel to the consulate.
Pravin P.
23 December 2013


i feel i have to write this review as in my experience i have never come across such a disorganised bunch of people working for the Indian Consulate. i only went to get a Liquor permit as one is required in the state of Gujarat. I honestly fail to understand that why one is required in the first place as many of us who are British Indians do visit friends and relations some on regular basis. My point is that if you have a valid visa surely this should be enough to grant you a liquor permit. when you do land in India it is not the date of arrival therefore this in it self should be sufficent.
in my view i have to say that we British Indians do contribute over and above to India and yet when you do have the unfortunte chance to visit one the Indain Consulate you will notice you will be treated as cattle and there is no please or thank you from any of the staff or the security people on the door. this particular person i my opinon cand be described as Hitler!
It is impossible for me to rate as this organisation falls below Zero Star
Ash P.
05 September 2013


Absoultely disgraced by the services. Poor people coming outside of Birmingham having to wait over 2 hrs plus to be seen via the counter. Indian Consulate makes bags of money so employ more staff or increase your technology, i was very appauled with your services today aspecially being an ex- employee of the Indian Embassy 18 yrs ago.
Anon Y.
06 August 2013


Disgraceful service. Shocked to find that they actually represent a country! Every aspect needs improving with shockingly poor communication that is totally unacceptable from such a body. My rating is over rated and I would in fact rate it 0 if it were possible.
G M.
10 July 2013


Horrible services. No working contact number. I would like to give negative star if there was an option.
Rani V.
04 April 2013


Trying to speak a member of staff since last two weeks on the telephone but no body bother to pick the phone number.
Very difficult to things done. The rating should be zero but the is no zero star.

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