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G & E Antonelli
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Contrary to Pete's experience I've always had good service from Mr Antonelli for at reasonable price and in timely (sic) fashion.

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Very disappointing and frustrating experience from G&E Antonelli in basingstoke. I will not be returning and would suggest you do not either.

My Omega watch had stopped working a while back and my 30th birthday was looming so i wanted it fixed ready for that. i had a few quotes from the larger jewellers such as Goldsmiths and HSamuels but a family friend recommended Antonellis. I got a quote to fix my watch; £250, which was slightly higher than the larger chains but i like to support the high street and based my decisions on my friends recommendation. i handed the watch to them on feb 14th and was told it would be 2-3 weeks.

After 3 weeks I had not heard anything. I phoned them and was told it was "in testing" and would be another week. At this point I asked the lady to change my contact number because I had moved work from Basingstoke to Farnborough.

I had not heard anything after 1.5 weeks so again had to phone them. I was told by Mr Antonelli that the watch was very delicate and "we will call you when it is ready".

2 days later my partner phoned up to ask if it could be hurried because my 30th was approaching the end of that week (29th March). They told her it was "in testing" and would not be ready for the Friday, it would be ready for the Saturday (30th march). I was gutted that I would not have my watch back for my 30th when the reason I booked it in 6 weeks prior was to make sure it was done on time.

My 30th birthday celebrations came and went with no watch.

I gave them almost another week and arrived on 3rd April to collect my watch. I had dragged the kids all the way from Farnborough to Basingstoke (which is an hours round trip). As I entered the store I handed over my receipt to be told the watch was still not ready. I was flabbergasted at the lack of communication which had now inconvenienced me even more. I tried to explain my frustration with mr Antonelli who interrupted me on 3 different occasions by trying to give me excuses. When I asked why I hadn't been contacted once he replied with "all I can do is apologise". When I asked him why it had gone from 2-3 weeks to now almost 8 weeks "all I can do is apologise". He was dismissive of my frustrations which angered me further. He promised it would be ready soon and he would call me. I left completely deflated, frustrated and disappointed.

On Friday 5th Antonellis did make contact for the first time...On the wrong number which I told them had changed. Useless! Thankfully my old work phoned me and told me Antonellis had called and said the watch would be ready the following day (Saturday 6th April).

On saturday 6th Again I dragged the kids from Farnborough to Basingstoke and arrived at 1121am. I Handed my receipt over, Mr Antonelli then came out and informed me the watch was "in final testing" and would be another hour. I could not believe it! At this point I didn't want to speak to him any further so said I would do some shopping and come back in 1 hour.

I then picked my watch up at 220pm.

I don't doubt the workmanship, im very happy that my watch is now working.

What has frustrated me is the awful customer service, lack of communication to let me know what's going on, poor procedures within the business to update records when i changed my contact number which they ignored, I feel I have been lied to regarding the watch constantly being "in testing", and at no point did I feel Mr Antonelli meant it when he said "all I can do is apologise". He has not taken any of my issues seriously or come up with a solution to my satisfaction. The basics of business around being customer centric are completely devoid in his business.

I will never return to G&E Antonellis in Basingstoke for any reason. I will tell my friends and family to stay away, as well as my Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn connections.

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