Sandwich Delivery in Barnsley

We found 3 Sandwich Delivery in Barnsley, United Kingdom.

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Barugh Green Sandwich Shop 42a Barugh Green Road Barugh Grn Barnard
Barnsley S75 1JT United Kingdom
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Oakwell Sandwich 72 Pontefract Rd
Barnsley S71 1EZ United Kingdom
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Supa Snax 127 Huddersfield Road
Barnsley S75 1AH United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Sandwich Delivery in Barnsley

Lorna L.
17 January 2015
Barugh Green Sandwich Shop

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I live in one of the flats up stairs and from time to time there is cars parked outside and blocking the drive way on the busy main road on a morning which makes it hard and dangerous to see on coming cars. It's that bad that people have to step out on to the road just to help me get out as it is impossible to see on coming cars. I kindly went into the café this morning to politely ask a customer to move his car has he was blocking my drive way. The lady came up to me and started threatening me whilst she was holding a sharp bread knife in her hand and said she was going to report me to the estate agents. She also said I wasn't allowed in her café anymore which I thought was silly because this was the first time I have entered the café and it was only to ask this man to move his car! I hope this arrogant piece of crap reads this review and I am warning customers not to go here has my experience was appalling. 0 star rating!!!