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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Aries Motor Engineers Ltd.
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Wentworth Road
S75 6DT
United Kingdom
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DO NOT USE THIS GARAGE!!!! My girlfriend's car needed a timing chain replacing, the mechanics quoted me £300 for the job, we told them that she'd have to save up so the car will be SORN'd. 2 months later we sent it in for the job, the mechanic told me 'it might need a strip down or a new engine at some point' and proceeded to tell both myself and her dad that there was a 'slight blockage' and told me to run it around for a week with engine flush in (which they put in) and 'it'll be fine'... I got 27 miles out of the car before it literally blew up leaving us stranded for 2 hours. The day after when I asked then what they were going to do about it, it suddenly emerged that by 'it might need a new engine' is mechanic-code for 'it'll probably blow up fairly soon.' They also said that we'd not told them that it had been stood for 2 months (which we had... twice) and that they'd told me not to run it about (which they didn't). They were far from helpful about the whole ordeal and quite frankly either the mechanics need firing or the business needs shutting down because (to quote the boss of the company itself) "what have I told you about letting cars leave with engine lights on, this guy (me) is a customer NOT a mechanic! I've told you this all before because this has happened before!" they were the exact words used, so please do yourself a favour, learn from my mistake and take it somewhere reputable!

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