Delivery Services in Altrincham

We found 3 Delivery Services in Altrincham, United Kingdom.

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Greyhound Express Delivery Service 51 Crofton Ave Timperley
Altrincham WA15 6BZ United Kingdom
Miles Vehicle Deliveries Oakfield House Oakfield Rd
Altrincham WA15 8EW United Kingdom
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Royal Mail Altrincham Delivery Office Welman Way
Altrincham WA15 8AA United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Delivery Services in Altrincham

S J.
28 November 2014
Royal Mail

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On the 13th November, Royal Mail claim they tried to deliver two separate deliveries to my home. Three people were in the house that day at 12.45 when they said they tried to deliver, in a room where there is a door bell chime. No body tried to deliver anything. No card was left for either delivery, which they claim they had. I have only just discovered this when searching for the missing items. Whoever claimed to deliver and leave a card must be living in another planet.
I need both items for this weekend. I have no card for either item.
Will have to make a special journey to the depot tomorrow early to sort this out. Very bad service, I expect better.