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We found 2 Osteopaths in Abingdon, United Kingdom.

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Michael Davis Associates 28 Wootton Road
Abingdon OX14 1JD United Kingdom
Sarah Ingram 22 Eaton Village Appleton
Abingdon OX13 5PR United Kingdom
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Julie L.
20 May 2013
Michael Davis Associates

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I visited Michael Davis when a persistent problem in my lower back continued after chiropractic care and yoga were ineffective at healing it entirely.

I remain unconvinced that Davis' treatment did much to help the problem, but my main concern was his choice of discussion. At one point during the treatment, he referred to a previous client (not by name) and called her "insufferable." He then said she was the "kind of woman who either needed a hobby or to have an affair." To me, this is utterly inappropriate.

It was a waste of £50 and entirely disgraceful.

Also just to note - the facilities are strange as well. There is a see-through curtain at the front of the treatment room, which looks out onto a pavement and road.

My advice would be to find an osteopath that behaves professionally. Davis isn't it.