Unisex Hairdressers in Aberdeen

We found 147 Unisex Hairdressers in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

Name Full Address Phone
A & G Hair Design 31 Ramsay Crescent
Aberdeen AB10 7BL United Kingdom
A Head in Style 9 Ashvale Place
Aberdeen AB1 6QD United Kingdom
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A J R Associates Ltd. 18 Ashley Park South
Aberdeen AB10 6RP United Kingdom
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Abdul Haircutters 86 King Street
Aberdeen AB24 5BA United Kingdom
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Alamode 9 Diamond Street
Aberdeen AB10 1QU United Kingdom
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Alan Henison Hair Design 543 Great Western Road
Aberdeen AB10 6PE United Kingdom
Alanna's 99 Kepplehills Road Bucksburn
Aberdeen AB21 9DH United Kingdom
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Albury Hair Salon 110 Bon Accord Street
Aberdeen AB11 6TS United Kingdom
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Altered Image 37 Carnie Drive
Aberdeen AB25 3AN United Kingdom
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Angels 25 St Andrew Street
Aberdeen AB25 1BQ United Kingdom
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Recent reviews for Unisex Hairdressers in Aberdeen

Kay K.
05 January 2015

1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

The worst hair salon experience in my entire life. If I could I would not even give 1 Star. All I got was abuse.

Disgraceful service, non existent client care, ridiculous behaviour and non existent hairdressing skills.

The hairdresser rolled her eyes the whole time like a 3 year old. The abuse that my hair received under this person was unbelievable. I have long hair and she comb my hair with the smallest comb possible. I wonder whether you comb your long wet hair with the smallest comb and whether you start the combing from the middle of the hair??? I don't believe you would.

Then you accuse me of having bad hair and that's why you were having difficulties to comb it. Well, I go to the hairdressers all the time in London and I have never had any problems like that. How would you like someone pulling out your hair for 30 minutes?

I have made sure that all the firms I work with in Aberdeen have heard about my experience, you will be losing lots of clients.

I can't believe that I paid you close to £40 for the abuse I got from you.

You call your firm Hair Studi0- Absolute disgrace to the other studios who actually want the client to come back.

good luck.