Three Separate Wildfires in California Leave Thousands of Acres Burned!

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Published on August 22nd, 2016 | by Brandon Ramsey in Uncategorized

The hot and dry summer months have caused serious problems for California residents as not one, but three separate wildfires in California have been raging across the state!

While the southeast has been dealing with massive flooding in Louisiana, the west is being hit with these wildfires. Today we’ll look at these three fires and the efforts being taken to contain them as quickly as possible.

The Blue Cut Fire


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One fire, the Blue Cut fire, broke out Tuesday morning, August 16th, in Cajon Pass near Kenwood Ave. The cause of the fire is still currently unknown.

The Blue Cut fire burned through over 37,000 acres, in California, as of Friday morning. The fire is current at twenty-six percent contained. Most of the fire’s current activity is within the Gobbler’s Peak area.

Mandatory evacuations were set in place for several nearby areas. There were two-day long road closures, which caused major congestions for travelers and locals who were trying to evacuate.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Highway 138, a main highway through the area, still remains closed. The 15 Freeway was closed, but has recently been reopened. A red-flag warning is still in effect for the area near the fire.

It is estimated that sixty-six million trees will be dead or dying due to the recent drought and bark beetles. Experts state that these dry conditions will only worsen the fire’s condition.

Firefighters resorted to aerial tactics to bring the fire under control since they were having a difficult time reaching the blaze by road. Witnesses claimed that the fire grew and spread quickly.

The Clayton Fire


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Another wildfire, the Clayton fire in Lake County, has burned through another four thousand acres. The wildfire was caused by arson, and it is believed to have been intentionally set by a local man.

The fire started Saturday evening, on August 13th. Nearly two thousand firefighters have been working to put out the fire.

This fire has damaged over one thousand and three hundred homes, and resulted in the deaths of at least four people. The fire affected the town of Lower Lake the most. Among the damaged was a one hundred and fifty-year-old church. As of Friday Morning, August 19th, the fire was sixty-five percent contained.

The Chimney Fire


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The third fire, the Chimney fire in San Luis Obispo County, broke out near Lake Nacimiento. The fire began on Saturday afternoon, August 13th.The cause of the fire is still unknown and it is currently under investigation. The fire has burned through approximately twelve thousand acres.

There are over two thousand and five hundred fire personnel handling this incident. Over fifty structures have been destroyed or damaged. According to California Fire officials, the fire is currently thirty-three percent contained, as of Friday morning, August 19th.

Have you or anyone you know been affected by these California fires? How do you prepare for possible fire evacuations? Please share in the comments below!

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