15 Stunning Moon Photos! #12 Will Blow Your Mind!

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Published on November 22nd, 2016 | by ttn in Astronomy

With the recent supermoon that fascinated everyone, we are reminded just how amazing and beautiful the moon is. So here is a collection of the best and most stunning moon photos!

1. Time-lapse SupermoonGowrishankar - Timelapse Supermoon-min

This amazing time-lapse photo was taken in New York City, by photographer Gowri Shankar.

2. Moon Sliver

Moon Sliver-min

A gorgeous picture that was taken of a crescent moon.

3. Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse-min

This shot was taken of a solar eclipse that occurred on June 1, 2011.

4. International Space Station

International Space Station-min

Moon shot taken from the International Space Station by a crew member, in the year 2005.

5. Lunar Standstill

stunning moon photos

This picture, of a lunar standstill, was taken in February 2016 over the Mojave Desert. A lunar standstill takes place approximately every 18.6 years.

6. Supermoon

BGBOYD- Supermoon-min

Here’s another picture that was taken of the supermoon that appeared on November 14th. This photo was taken by photographer BG Boyd, in Tucson, Arizona.

7. Blue Moon

Blue Moon-min

This type of moon only occurs occasionally, so this photo can only be taken once in a blue moon!

8. Full Moon

Full Moon-min

A Full Moon occurs when the moon is positioned on the opposite of the Earth from the Sun.

9. California Supermoon

LINDA-SHAFER-California Supermoon-min

Taken by photographer Linda Shafer, this picture of the supermoon was taken in Ramona California on November 13th in 2016.

10. Northern Lights and the Moon

Northern Lights and the Moon-min

This incredible photo was taken by Timo Newton-Syms, in Finland, just after 2AM in March of 2012.

11. Supermoon 2016

Supermoon 2016-min

This shot was taken of the 2016 supermoon, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by a photographer named Ben Lawry.

12. Blood Moon


This crazy photo was taken of a Blood Moon. The next Blood Moon will occur in 2017.

13. New Moon

New Moon-min

A New Moon is the first phase of the lunar phases.

14. Pink Moon

Pink Moon-min

The Pink Moon is the first full moon that occurs in April.

15. Snow Moon

Snow Moon-min

The Snow Moon occurs in winter during the month of February. This moon is the first full moon that occurs in February.

The moon is a fascinating aspect of astronomy. It holds beauty and some believe mystical powers. Some even believe that the moon holds the signs of prophecies yet come to pass. Did you catch a glimpse at the supermoon in November? We you able to capture more stunning moon photos? Please share in the comments below!

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