Never Before Seen! A Ghost Shark Was Caught On Film!


Published on December 16th, 2016 | by ttn in Science

Someone better call the Winchesters, a ghost shark has been caught on film for the first time ever! Grab the salt and iron chains because we are going ghost hunting!

Wait, no, not that type of ghost! The “ghost” shark is actually a species of deep-sea creature. The creature, which lives in an isolated area of the deep ocean, was just recently photographed for the first time in history.

Ghost? Shark? Fish?


The ocean holds a world of mystery and unexplored areas. This is one of the reasons scientists are so fascinated with it. Deep-sea creatures are extremely odd-looking and interesting. These weird creatures include a species of ghost sharks, also known as chimeras. These fascinating fish live at depths of about eight thousand and five hundred feet below the ocean’s surface.


The recently photographed ghost shark is actually a Pointy-Nosed Blue Chimera, also known as a Hydrolagus Trolli. There are an estimated fifty or so different types of the chimera species. The ghost shark is not actually part of the shark family, despite its similar shark-like appearance.

Deep-sea creatures, such as this one, have been around for nearly three hundred million years, possibly longer. These creatures are actually thought to be older than dinosaurs. The ghost shark is a bottom feeder and apparently it does not have sharp teeth.

A Lucky Shot

This never before shot photograph actually happened by accident! The team from the Pacific Shark Research Center weren’t actually looking for the ghost shark when they caught it on film. This particular species is usually found in the southern Hemisphere, as opposed to the Northern Hemisphere where it was photographed.

The photo was taken off the coast of Hawaii and California in the northern Hemisphere. Whether by chance or a lucky shot it is pretty interesting that researchers managed to photograph the creature. The creature was then tracked using a remote-operated vehicle in the northern Pacific by the researchers.


Scientist and experts would like to retrieve a DNA sample from the creature for further research. This DNA sample would officially confirm that the creature, is in fact, a Ghost Shark and that it lives in the deep oceans off the coast of the United States.

Final Thoughts


So I guess you can call off the Winchesters, it seems it was only a deep-sea fish. This amazing photograph has sparked interest and a desire to further research the creatures of the deep. Who knows, one day they might discover Cthulhu in the deep-sea, and then we really will need the Winchester brothers.

What are your thoughts about this odd creature? What else do you think might be out there in the dark and mysterious depths of the ocean? Share in the comments below!

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