Humans will be EXTINCT in less time than you think! I was SHOCKED!

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Published on November 18th, 2016 | by ttn in Science

The cause of what will be the end of the world has been debated and talked about for years. Are humans next up to go extinct? We did, after all, survive the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012, and the Y2K Disaster of 2000.

One thing you may not think about, is the human race becoming extinct. Could the end of our world actually just end up being the end of the human race, with the world to continue on without us?

Well according to the famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, the extinction of the human race may be closer than we realize. In a recent discussion that took place at Britain’s Oxford University Union, Hawking stated that humanity has only about another thousand years before we become extinct.

Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking – Humans will go extinct!

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Stephen Hawking is no stranger to the topic of humanity’s inevitable doom. Between global warming, nuclear war, or the over development of artificial intelligence humans are at risk. Hawking has spoken about and warned us about the number of possible risks we face for extinction.

One thousand years, that is want Hawking has predicted as the timeline for the human race to die out. Hawking also stated that the only hope left for humanity is the future of space travel. Stating that without escaping our fragile planet, humans would not survive another 1,000 years.

Space is Humanity’s Last Hope


This year, 2016, the space and astronomy community was thrilled to discover Proxima B. A planet located just over four light-years away from Earth. The planet Proxima B is an Earth-sized planet with similar conditions to our home planet of Earth. Proxima B seems to be the next best planet where humans could possibly inhabit in the not so far future.

The Kepler spacecraft, which was launched by NASA in 2009, was responsible for searching all of the nearby regions of our galaxy. It was the Kepler spacecraft which discovered the planet Proxima B.

It seems that the future of the human race and the hope for all humanity lies in the stars! I guess space travel really is the final frontier. I wonder the amazing things that we will see in our lifetime!

Proxima Centauri-extinct

What are your thoughts on space travel? Do you think we have more or less time than Hawking has predicted? Please share in the comments below!

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