7 ASTONISHING Photos of Germany’s Fairy Tale Route! #5 is GORGEOUS!


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While the world is a chaotic place, there are still locations where fairy tales come to life through rich history and sheer beauty. Germany’s Fairy Tale Route is one such collection of places. Journey on a path inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and see some of the real world locations that inspired their stories.

Here are seven photos and locations along this incredible route.

1. Botanischer Garten


The Fairy Tale Route takes you through the places that inspired Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and even the Pied Piper and Hansel and Gretel. In total, it’s a 373-mile trip from the town of Hanau in central Germany, to Bremen by the North Sea.

It revolves around the tales of the Brothers Grimm, including places they lived in and locales that inspired their tales.

2. Grimm Brothers Statue


Sights like this statue commemorating the brothers are found all along this route. It starts in the birthplace of the brothers and goes through towns, highlands, riversides, and even eight nature parks!

Places like Alsfeld contain the house where Little Red Riding Hood was inspired. The town of Bad Wildungen was the home for Snow White. The first edition of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales from 1812 is all over the university town of Kassel.

3. Gudensberg Festival


Along the route, you’ll find over 20 castles and palaces. Some of them are in ruins, while others have stood the test of time. The 14-century Sababurg Castle is said to be the place where Sleeping Beauty once lived.

Trendelburg Fortress is now a hotel, but one of its towers was said to house Rapunzel. Each of the towns along the way will also feature activities such as the festival pictured above.

4. Kellarwald Edersee National Park


The Fairy Tale Road runs through two forests, the Weser and Fulda rivers, 11 nature parks, and two national parks. Plenty of places to stop for nature fans. You’ll find options for swimming. boat rides, and plenty of hiking as well.

The Mother Hulda fairy tale trail is an exceptional option, where you can journey through the places where the brothers collected legends and myths.

5. Sababurg Castle


Pictured above is the castle that inspired the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. It’s situated deep in the forest and covered in ivy, but it was once the place where the princess was said to reside.

6. The Town of Hann


The towns along the route are often sites of amazing festivals throughout the year. Activities like plays, puppet theaters, exhibits, and medieval dinners are all across these amazing locations.

7. Wilhelmshohe Palace


This incredible view can only be found in Europe’s largest mountain park, the Bergpark. This palace was once three separate buildings but was eventually merged into one building by the master-builder Heinrich Regenbogen in 1829.

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