Proof That Dinosaurs Had Feathers! You Won’t Believe Where It Was Found!

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Published on December 9th, 2016 | by ttn in Science

When most people think of dinosaurs, they think of scale-covered large reptile-like animals. However, according to a recent discovery it has now been proven that dinosaurs did indeed have feathers. The new evidence was found by Lida Xing, who is a scientist at the China University of Geosciences in Beijing, China.

This discovery gives scientists a new perspective on a time from over one hundred million years ago. Research is being published by Current Biology. They have released research notes and photographs of the fossil reconstructions of the feather, as well as other interesting information about the topic.


You Won’t Believe Where The Fossil Was Found!

The item of excitement was found preserved in amber, as well as in excellent preserved condition. An unnamed miner discovered the piece of amber and took it to an amber market to sell. This is where Lida Xing discovered the fossil. The amber market was located in Myitkyina, Myanmar.

The piece was originally polished for jewelry or an ornament. Xing bought the item with the intention of studying it for scientific purposes. However, who knows he could have really wanted an amber necklace, but thankfully the importance of science won over a fashion statement.


Dinosaur Feathers?! Are They Sure It Isn’t A Bird Feather?

According to researchers, they are positive that the feather preserved in the amber it not from a bird. Researchers stated that the vertebrae was not fused into a rod or pygostyle, which is what is found in modern birds and their close relatives. Ryan Mckellar, from the Saskatchewan Museum, stated that “…the tail was long and flexible, with keels of feathers running down each side.”

Researchers found the tops of the feathers to be brown in color with a pale underside to them. These feathers lack a rachis, the central shaft of a feather that bears the web. Scientists have found that the feathers more closely resemble ornamental plumage feathers, as opposed to flight feathers.

The researchers also discovered remnants of preserved soft tissue, which contents a high content of ferrous iron. Fe2+, ferrous iron, is suggested to be hemoglobin from actual dinosaur blood. This possible dinosaur blood sample is currently awaiting further analysis.

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Final Thoughts

So what are your thoughts about this recent scientific discovery? Did you ever think that the dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth might have actually had fluffy feathers? I wonder what other mysteries we will discover in the future about the past and the dinosaurs that used to walk this planet. Share in the comments below and thanks as always for reading!

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