California SHATTERS Records by Replacing 67% of Power With Renewable Energy!


Published on May 25th, 2017 | by ttn in Science

California broke a new record recently by replacing 67.2% of their electricity usage with renewable sources! It was a combination of sunny and windy days, with filled resovoirs at hydroelectric plants across the state.

Read on to find out how all of these things came together to create one of the best milestones in the state’s history!


Sixty-Seven Percent is Just the Beginning!

Sachu Constantine, the director of policy at the center for Sustainable Energy, was overjoyed at this news, saying “The fact that the grid can handle 67 percent renewable power from multiple sources, it’s a great moment, and it shows the potential we have.”

Of course, keeping the levels this high will be its own challenge. There are laws currently in place that dictate what percentage of energy should come from renewable sources, but these do not account for hydropower facilities that also provide renewable energy.


2017 is looking to be a record-setting year for California’s renewable energy initiative. The state’s growing number of solar power plants, along with an increase in sunshine, has gone a long way towards breaking this record.

For three hours on March 11th, solar power was responsible for roughly half of all electricity demand across the state. Additionally, extra rainfall has filled the hydroelectric dams to levels that haven’t been seen in decades.


Steven Greenlee, a spokesperson for the ISO also claimed that California could cross the 70% threshold by the summer. With the weather on its side, California could easily lead us into a bright and sunny future!


This is one step in a long journey towards clean and renewable energy for all. With 39.1 million people in California’s population, it’s a great place to start this exciting trend for the future of humanity as a whole.

What is your opinion on renewable energy? Is it possible for everyone to start using it more? Let us know in the comments!

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