Bizarre Weather Events of 2016 That SHOCKED Everyone!

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So it seems that the internet has decided that 2016 was a pretty crazy and ridiculous year. I’m slightly inclined to agree with the internet masses on this one. What a year! 2016 was also a crazy time for the weather! Here are some of the shocking and bizarre weather events that occurred in 2016!

Hold On To Your Hats

Well, let us start in January, at the very beginning, when 2016 was just a baby year. We had active tropics in the middle of January! Yes, you read that right, and it was not just one occurrence but two. On January 12th, Hurricane Pali set the record for the earliest hurricane in the central Pacific basin. Just a few days later, a second storm, Subtropical Storm Alex, turned into a hurricane.



Credit: NOAA


We also hit new heat records within the first five months of the year 2016. Average global temperatures were higher than even the seven other warmest years on record with NOAA. Check out NOAA’s awesome graph for a visual shocker of the heat averages!

Bizarre Weather, Hell Must Have Frozen Over

bizarre weather

So if it wasn’t the crazy heat in the beginning of the year for some places, it was the ridiculous cold. On January 10th, 2016, a car was found completely covered in ice, and we are not talking about a few flurries here!


The water from Lake Erie was blasted by a cold front, causing a buildup of ice along the shoreline. This poor car looked like it was hit by Mr. Freeze, after being parked outside for several hours. See why 2016 was just plain bizarre!

2016 was also the year it snowed in Mexico! During early March a strange cold front caused snowfall to hit Mexico and the Mexican Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains. During this same cold front, Sierra Nevada was snowed in at ten feet or more of snow. Over the course of about ten days, the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort saw a total of one hundred and twenty-five inches of snow!


Watch Your Head

We also witnessed several weird hail storm in 2016, one of the most bizarre being the storm that hit Texas with softball-sized hail! This hailstorm hit Wylie, Texas on April 11th, 2016. Homes and house windows were completely destroyed by the over-sized hail. In the photo below, a house roof was riddled with holes from the falling hail.




There are even more bizarre weather events from 2016. We had some crazy flooding in Texas and in the Appalachians, with enough water to cover cars and street signs. Dry conditions caused a wildfire at Fort McMurray in Canada. India and Southeast Asia felt the heat with an all-time record high, Phalodi hit 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

So I think we can agree that 2016 was pretty all over the place. I guess 2016 couldn’t make up its mind as far as the bizarre weather was concerned. So what do you think 2017 will hold for us? Are we in for the heat waves from hell, ice blasts from hell freezing over, or maybe 2017 will just stick to the plan and stay normal? Share your thoughts in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!

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