13 Amazing Sunrise Shots from Across the World! #9 Is Absolutely Stunning!

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Published on April 10th, 2017 | by Brandon Ramsey in Geography | Travel

There is something absolutely peaceful and hopeful about an early morning sunrise. When the world is just waking up and all is quite. The cool of the night disappearing and the warmth of the sun rising in the sky. One of the best times to see a sunrise is in the spring. Here is a list of thirteen incredible places to see some of the most amazing sunrise shots from around the world!

1 Stonehenge – England

amazing sunrise shots

This mysterious site offers an incredible view of the morning sun.

2 Tres Cruces – Peru


Set at the gateway to Machu Picchu, this location is absolutely a must see to add to your bucket list.

3 Svalbard – Norway


In this area of the world, the sun doesn’t actually set between mid-April and late August. But when it does rise it makes for an amazing photograph.

4  Masai Mara – Kenya


Nothing beats the sunrise over an African safari with all of the animals who call this location home.

5 Hawaii – USA


Hawaii has more to offer than just beautiful beaches. They also have some of the most incredible sunrises over the ocean.

6  Surfers Paradise – Australia


Why not check out the waves and the sunrise while visiting this amazing destination.

7 Mount Sinai – Egypt


This amazing shot was taken over the Mount Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

8 Grand Canyon – USA


This natural wonder is located in the state of Arizona, and it has a stunning view of the morning sunrise with a wide array of color.

9 Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania


With a summit of nearly twenty thousand feet above sea level this location has an incredible view. The sunrise view in even more stunning in person!

10 Atlas Mountain – North Africa


This amazing spot offers some incredible shots of the morning sunrise in Morocco.

11 Oia – Greece


This small town on the islands of Thira in Greece has one incredible sunrise to be seen.

12 Eyjafjörður, Iceland


For one of the more colorful sunrise to been seen, check out Eyjafjörður in Iceland!

13 Angkor Wat  – Cambodia


This amazing shot was taken over the sacred temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
So what did you think of our thirteen amazing sunrise shots? Where is your favorite place to enjoy a sunrise? Please share in the comments and as always thanks for reading!

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