7 BREATHTAKING Fairy-Tale Forests! #3 is GORGEOUS!

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Published on January 20th, 2016 | by Brandon Ramsey in Geography

All across this planet of ours, there are incredible fairy-tale forests just waiting to be discovered. You didn’t honestly believe these were made up, did you? These seven forests inspired the ones you see in today’s fairy-tales.

Join us as we explore this mysterious, beautiful, and exotic places!

1. Black Forest – Germany



The Black Forest in Germany has been the source of many Grimms’ fairy-tales. The name comes from the tree canopy, which is so dark that only small amounts of sunlight are able to break through.

2. Crooked Forest – Poland



This forest in Poland is famous for its oddly shaped trees. Each of the 400 trees in the forest are all bent in the same direction pointing north. They’ve been growing since 1930, and no one really knows why they look the way they do.

3. Dark Hedges – Ireland


K.C. Dermody

This iconic scene has been used in everything from fairy-tales, to Game of Thrones. It is a road lined by beech trees that have been growing for over 200 years. It’s mysterious, like a fairy tale mountain or the depths of a cavern.

4. Halles Forest – Belgium


Raimund Linke

This is one of the most colorful forests on our list. This area in Belgium has a unique spread of wild bluebell hyacinths. Each year from April to May, these flowers bloom and paint a beautiful blue scene across the ground. Seems like the kind of path that would lead right up to a fairy tale castle, doesn’t it?

5. Quinault Rain Forest – Washington



There are only three temperate rain forests in the western hemisphere, and this is one of them. This ferns on the ground, combined with the mossy logs and bright green trees look like the perfect inspiration for a fairy-tale.

Unlike forests, there are also plenty of hidden slices of paradise to be found in the world’s deserts! Check out these fairy tale oases for even more beautiful sights!

6. Sangano Bamboo Forest – Japan


Yuya Horikawa

This forest can be found on the outskirts of Kyoto. Giant bamboo trees grow tall all around as the wind makes them creak with each gust. It’s a truly magical and exotic place and one that everyone should see at least once.

7. Tree Tunnel – Halnaker, England



This is a natural tree tunnel if you can believe it. In historical times, this path was used as a road by the Romans. It’s easy to imagine an army on horseback charging through this strange and beautiful tunnel.

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