5 UNFORGETTABLE Transylvania Photos! #3 is AMAZING!

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Published on July 11th, 2016 | by Brandon Ramsey in Uncategorized

Transylvania is a unique place filled with history and intrigue. There are over 100 castles in the area, but there’s plenty more to see. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, there are plenty of places to sit back and relax.

These photos were taken by Suciu Cristian who set out to document the beauty of the region.

1. An Abandoned Cottage


On Bored Panda, Cristian wrote about the motivation behind these images. “My intention with this series is to depict the beauty of our region in each season and each moment of the day.”

2. Izvoru Muresului


When I think of Transylvania, I think of Dracula, but clearly I have it all wrong. With a view like this, the last on my mind is castles and vampires.

3. Red Lake


While it would be easy to come up with a story about why that boat is empty, let’s instead focus on the gorgeous scene laid out here. It’s amazing that one region can contain so many different views.

4. Gheorgheni city and the Saint Anne Chapel


This view showcases the city of Gheorgheni in the background while also showing a stretch of illuminated road. Truly a wonderful sight.

5. Hillside in Autumn


Well, after seeing all of these amazing Transylvania photos, it’s easy to see why someone would want to visit. Share this list with your friends and be sure to let us know if you’ve been in the comments!

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