5 INCREDIBLE Natural Phenomena Straight Out of a Fairy Tale! #3 is MAGICAL!


Published on September 21st, 2017 | by ttn in Travel

Fairy tales are full of magical moments and scenery that is usually impossible in the real world. In these five cases, though, we’ve discovered natural phenomena that look like magic in the real world.

Join us as we look at each of these events, and how they occur!

1. Halos


Halos require a very specific formation of ice crystals in the clouds high above the surface. When the light hits them right, it forms a perfect ring. During the day, these look like rainbows, but at night the moon creates white rings.

2. Nacreous Clouds


These types of mysterious clouds form very high in the atmosphere. They form twice as high as commercial airplanes fly. These clouds shine because they reflect the sunbeams back towards the Earth as it sets. As beautiful as they are, these types of clouds also destroy ozone.

3. Rainbow Eucalyptus


These incredible trees are found in the Philippines and Indonesia. Its striped bark forms into different colors and peels off as it ages, creating the colors you see. The youngest bark on the tree is a bright green, and as it ages, it turns other colors. As the bark peels off, you get these rainbow layers.

4. Volcanic Lightning


This is one of the phenomena that science knows the least about. The running theory is that the ash in volcanic eruptions creates enough friction to build up static electricity and cause lighting.

5. Starling Murmuration


Starlings by themselves aren’t much to look at, but if you get hundreds of even thousands of them together, they become a murmuration or a “black sun.” They’re actually small birds, which is pretty neat to think about. They’re most commonly found in Europe and England.

What do you think of these natural phenomena? What fairy tales do they remind you of? Let us know and share this list on social media!

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