16 Budget-Friendly Vacation Destinations Across the World! You Won’t Believe #13!

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Published on January 20th, 2017 | by Brandon Ramsey in Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel, to see new and experience new places? Well if you’re going to travel, why not see all the places you can without breaking the bank? Check out our list of sixteen budget-friendly vacation destinations from across the world that you can visit in 2017!

1. Caribbean

Take a cruise through the stunning Caribbean for prices averaging about five hundred dollars per person for a six-day trip!


2. Mexico

Traveling to Mexico may be cheaper than you think. You can enjoy this beach paradise of the Yucatan Peninsula for only thirty to forty dollars a day per person!


3. Vietnam


Lodging can be a cheap as ten dollars a night in Vietnam, and the beach views are absolutely incredible!

4. Jamaica

With Airbnb rates of only twenty-five dollars a night, Jamaica might be the perfect place to spend an amazing vacation while also saving your wallet.


5. Colombia

In Cartagena, Colombia you can find lodging from seven dollars a night in a hostel to only seventy dollars a night in an amazing and fancy hotel.


6. Peru


Travel to Peru and check out all the amazing sites and adventures offered at wallet-friendly prices. You can travel to Peru for ten days for about $2,000, everything included.

7. Thailand


For a beautiful and budget-friendly vacation destination check out Thailand, where you can travel for as little as thirty to fifty dollars a day per person.

8. Greece


Depending on your style of traveling, you can enjoy a vacation in Greece for a little as twenty-five to thirty dollars a day!

9. Spain

The most expensive part of traveling to Spain is the plane fare, other than that everything here is pretty budget friendly!


10. South Africa

You can pretty much travel to South Africa at a fraction of the costs of other locations. It is roughly six to seven hundred dollars for an entire month of travel in South Africa.


11. China

A vacation here will run you about eight hundred a person for a week’s stay. You can even enjoy dining on amazing local cuisine for about a dollar a meal.


12. Bali

Travelers can enjoy a trip to Bali on about five hundred dollars for a week, excluding airfare.


13. Romania

Romania travel costs are about thirty to forty dollars a day per person, so be sure to add this amazing destination to your list!


14. Portugal

Enjoy the sights and stunning landscape in the Azores, Portugal. Travelers can take advantage of cheap flights to this destination, so flights as low as one hundred and forty dollars round trip.


15. Ireland

Budget-Friendly Vacation

While Ireland is not the cheapest option on our list, you still get a pretty good deal with the average costs between forty and sixty dollars a day per person.

16. Belgium

Enjoy traveling to Belgium with average daily costs of about fifty dollars per person!


Which one of our budget-friendly vacation destinations are you planning on adding to your 2017 travel plans? Please share in the comments below!

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