10 MUST SEE Locations in Germany’s Black Forest! #7 is STUNNING!

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Published on August 30th, 2017 | by Brandon Ramsey in Travel

The Black Forest in Germany is a fairytale forest brought to life. Between the rolling hills, the old farmhouses, the wineries, and the breathtaking vistas, there’s so much so see and do here.

Join us as we look at ten places in the Black Forest you absolutely must visit when you journey to this part of the world.

1. The Black Forest in Germany


Better known as the Schwarzwald, the Black Forest is one of the most popular regions fo holiday visits in Germany. The wooded areas are complemented by the vast valleys that stretch from the town of Baden Baden to Switzerland in the South, and France in the West.

In total, the Black Forest covers an area of 4,600 square miles!

2. Car Tours


There are several excellent car tour routes through the Black Forest that you should consider when you visit. The Black Forest Ridgeway is the most popular of the driving routes. It takes you through some excellent fir forests and some exquisite views on the Hornisgrinde.

Other great routes include the Black Forest Valley Road, which begins at Rastatt. Finally, if you’re looking for great natural spas, the Black Forest Spa Route is an excellent choice.

3. Freiburg


Freiburg is a must see location for fairytale lovers. This quaint town inspired many of the stories from authors like the Brothers Grimm. There is also a lot to see here that defines southwestern Germany for those who want to see and do the iconic activities available.

4. Lake Mummelsee


Lake Mummelsee is an incredible mountain lake that dates back to the Ice Age. it’s located in the north Black Forest. It’s almost perfectly round and has a depth of 55 feet. There’s an ongoing legend that the bottom of the lake is home to a mermaid named Nixe.

5. Lake Schluchsee


Lake Schluchsee is the largest lake in the Black Forest. During the summer months, you can find amazing locations for bathing and sailing. During the winter months, the area is known for ice skating and its excellent skiing trails.

6. Oberrottweil


Oberrottweil is a wine village that can be found in the hills and vineyards of Kaisertuhl. Whether you enjoy hiking, or you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, this is one place you need to visit.

7. Pforzheim


Pforzheim is known for its goldsmithing and jewelry. It’s located on the northern edge of the Black Forest. A stop here will also allow you to check out three Black Forest Ridgeway trails. You’ll find some historical churches here, along with the remains of a 2nd-century Roman Villa.

8. Staufen Castle


The Staufen Castle is a sight to behold. Sitting atop a mountain and surrounded by both vineyards and fruit trees, it’s one of the most impressive castles you’ll find from the 12th century. While it was burned down about 500 years ago by Swedish troops, it still holds some of that majestic architecture.

9. Traditional Farmhouses


During your time in the Black Forest, you’ll no doubt come across some of the traditional farmhouses. This particular one is located in the village of Gengenbach. It’s truly impressive architecture make from Black Forest timbers.

10. Western Black Forest Vineyards


This previously volcanic mountain in the Black Forest has been transformed into a vineyard. This photo is from the Kaiserstuhl region, which has the warmest climate in Germany. It’s the third biggest wine vineyard in the country!

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