You Won’t BELIEVE These 10 Photos Came From New Zealand!

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Published on January 11th, 2016 | by Brandon Ramsey in Geography

Johan Lolos is a professional photographer who travels the world capturing amazing scenes. For an entire year, he traveled across New Zealand, a journey of 15,500 miles, to visit the most popular locations.

During his journey he traveled to the two main islands and went on to explore less known locations as well. Check out these ten incredible photos from New Zealand!

All Photos: Johan Lolos

1. Abel Tasman National Park


Each of these photos represents a favorite moment that Johan had during this excursion. This first image is of a pristine waterway with two kayakers enjoying the sights.

2. Aoraki Mt. Cook National Park


The majority of his journey was done traveling in a camper van or in his own car with friends. He also came across tons of unique and fun people as well during his travels.

3. Cadrona Ski Resort


It’s so incredibly hard to find remote places like this one. Without any light to block the view, the open sky is stretched out above. Such an incredible sight.

4. Franz Josef Glacier


Johan’s trip started in October of 2014 and ran until September 2015. He’s a busy guy, but he plans to return to New Zealand soon after being so inspired by the sights.

5. Milford Sound


In regards to his stay, he writes “New Zealand changed me forever. It was there that I started my career as a full-time photographer, and it is there that I discovered my passion for the outdoors and mountains.”

6. Moke Lake – Queenstown


Johan describes this New Zealand as the most relaxing place on Earth, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s just hard to believe all of these photos came from this one place.

7. Mount Ngauruhoe


Johan has been killing it on Instagram where he has over 230,000 followers. It’s no wonder, given these incredible photos.

8. Mt. Ruapehu


If you had showed me this photo and asked me where it came from, I would guess Antarctica. Incredible, simply incredible.

9. Roy’s Peak – Lake Wanaka


Johan had especially nice things to say about Lake Wanaka. This view on a clear day makes it look like you can see to the ends of the Earth.

10. Southern Lights – Lake Wanaka


Our final picture here is another shot of Lake Wanaka during the Southern Lights. This incredible sight is only possible in places that are extremely far south or north.

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